In Cantal, a resumption of train traffic between Figeac and Aurillac through Maurs

Cantal: Resumption of Train Traffic between Figeac and Aurillac through Maurs

The time of the resumption of the circulation of the trains in Cantal between Figeac and Aurillac while passing by Maurs rang. Since July 15, 2019, a single return train TER Maurs-Aurillac ran from Monday to Friday. Following the work of setting up a new railway signalling system in Figeac (Lot), the Auvergne trains will again provide […]

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Yellow Vests invaded Matabiau station in Toulouse

Toulouse: Act 44 Yellow Vests Invade Matabiau Station, Eight Trains Delayed

The yellow vests were introduced on the rails of the station Matabiau Saturday 14th September 2019 in Toulouse. Eight trains were delayed. Line A of the subway is also interrupted. It was probably the highlight of the day, for the yellow vests. Protesters have indeed managed to enter the compound of Matabiau station, yet placed under high security since the beginning […]

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Transport in the Ile-de-France will be Free on New Years Eve

Ile-de-France: Public Transport will be Free for the New Year Eve

December 31st, subways, trains, RER and buses will circulate all night throughout the Ile-de-France. And for free! As every year, public transport will be free throughout the Ile-de-France. “Ten lines of trains and RER, 6 subway lines and many bus lines (Noctiliens and special circuits) will work all night,” says Ile-de-France Mobilités in a statement. From 2:15 am, […]

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SNCF strike: Traffic disrupted in the Center-Val de Loire

SNCF: A Strike Against Job Cuts, Disrupts Traffic in the Center-Val de Loire

CONTESTATION: The unions protest against the abolition of counter positions at the train station of Tours, but also posts called “stopover” which give the signal of departure of a train … After a call to strike , launched by unions to protest against job cuts, traffic is disrupted in the Center-Loire Valley , said SNCF , Wednesday morning. About twenty trains, including a […]

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Traffic forecasts for Normandy, as the strike at the SNCF continues

A New Strike at the SNCF on Wednesday: Here are the Traffic Forecasts in Normandy

The strike at the SNCF continues on Tuesday 12th June, 2018. The Normandy bridge has been blocked. What will be the day of Wednesday, June 13th? For their 29th day of strike , Tuesday 12th June, 2018, the railway workers hoped to remobilize against the railway reform before it was adopted by Parliament this weekend. SNCF at the national level, the mobilization was mixed, […]

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Traffic forecasts by the management for the strike at the SNCF

Strike at the SNCF: Three TGVs out of Five, One TER and Transilien out of Two on Wednesday

SNCF management plans three TGVs out of five, one TER and Transilien out of two, and two Intercity trains out of five, this Wednesday 22nd May, during the 21st day of strike at the SNCF. The railway traffic will again be disrupted this Wednesday 22nd May as the strike at the SNCF continues against the railway reform, management have […]

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A man on the Champs de Mars in Paris, February 9, 2018

Weather: Snow Away, Eight Ile-de-France Departments still on Orange Alert

The snow that swept northern and central France on Friday departs Saturday morning, eight departments of Ile-de-France still on orange alert. Orange Alert is maintained in eight departments of the Ile-de-France  “because of late night frosts and the formation of new ice patches on the ground,” said Meteo France on Saturday in its bulletin at 6am. Relevant departments: Paris […]

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10 Departments on Orange alert for snow and ice

The Episode of Snow and Cold Weather Continues: 10 Departments on Orange Alert

Wednesday noon, 10 departments of the Île-de-France and the East were still placed on orange alert for snow and ice.vigilance is exercised in the Centre and Normandy. In the wake of ‘traffic jams around Paris , many Parisians are preparing to leave their vehicles at the garage Wednesday, February 7. Of new snow are expected in the morning in the […]

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SNCF are to start placing anti fraund gantries at its TGV platforms

SNCF: The Anti-Fraud Boarding Gantries Arrive

Paris-Montparnasse train station is the first to officially launch the new type of boarding, this Tuesday, 4th April. Travelers will now have to go through ticket validation terminals before boarding the train. The SNCF will install “gates” in 14 major TGV stations by the end of 2018 to fight against fraud, beginning on Tuesday at […]

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Armed security and more pat downs on SNCF trains and stations

Terrorist threat: Soon Armed SNCF agents in trains

Agents of the RATP and SNCF will work in civilian clothes and be armed from Saturday 1st October, under a decree published Friday in the Official Journal, which will be implemented in the coming months. These “patrols” will be “empowered and trained to shoot.” The text provides for “the extension of the exemption from wearing […]

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