Cantal: Resumption of Train Traffic between Figeac and Aurillac through Maurs

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In Cantal, a resumption of train traffic between Figeac and Aurillac through Maurs

The time of the resumption of the circulation of the trains in Cantal between Figeac and Aurillac while passing by Maurs rang.

Since July 15, 2019, a single return train TER Maurs-Aurillac ran from Monday to Friday. Following the work of setting up a new railway signalling system in Figeac (Lot), the Auvergne trains will again provide return service between Figeac, Maurs, and Aurillac from Saturday 19th October, 2019.

Resumption of train traffic between Figeac and Aurillac

In a press release of October 9, 2019, the Regional Direction Occitanie SNCF Réseau gives details on the return of trains. “Since the fire destroyed the Figeac train station, the SNCF Réseau teams have been mobilized to allow traffic to resume between Figeac and Aurillac as soon as possible. The creation of a new railway signalling system in Figeac station allows the resumption of traffic between Figeac and Aurillac, at the rate of three round trips daily … Traffic remains however limited to the line Figeac-Aurillac, the railway signalling system set up in Figeac station does not allow for the moment direct routes beyond Figeac.

Train schedules

In the direction Figeac – Aurillac, the three planned traffic are as follows: Figeac: 6h / Maurs: 6h21 / Aurillac: 7h16 (Monday to Saturday); Figeac: 09h50 / Maurs: 10h11 / Aurillac: 11h06 (Monday to Friday); Figeac: 15h47 – Maurs: 16h08 – Aurillac: 17h03 (every day).

In the direction Aurillac – Figeac, the three planned traffic are the following: Aurillac: 08h24 / Maurs: 09h18 / Figeac: 09h39 (Monday to Saturday); Aurillac: 12h24 / Maurs: 13h18 / Figeac: 13h39 (every day); Aurillac: 18h06 / Maurs: 19h00 / Figeac: 19h21 (Monday to Friday).

All trains serve all stations between Figeac and Aurillac. The above schedules are in effect until December 14, 2019, the date of transition to Winter 2019-2020.

These three round trips are complemented by shuttle buses on the return trip Aurillac – Maurs – Figeac – Capdenac, connecting trains from or from Toulouse (Capdenac) and Clermont-Ferrand (Aurillac).

More information on the Internet at or in the station with SNCF agents, displays and timetables.

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