A New Strike at the SNCF on Wednesday: Here are the Traffic Forecasts in Normandy

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Traffic forecasts for Normandy, as the strike at the SNCF continues

The strike at the SNCF continues on Tuesday 12th June, 2018. The Normandy bridge has been blocked. What will be the day of Wednesday, June 13th?

For their 29th day of strike , Tuesday 12th June, 2018, the railway workers hoped to remobilize against the railway reform before it was adopted by Parliament this weekend.

SNCF at the national level, the mobilization was mixed, the railwaymen of Normandy carried out a large action:they blocked the traffic on the Normandy bridge .

One intercity in two

The day of Wednesday 12th June, 2018 is a new day of protest. Here are the traffic forecasts:

TER:  three circulations out of five (70% trains, 30% coaches)

Paris-Rouen: one train out of two.
Paris-Caen: one train out of two.
Rouen-Amiens: three circulations out of five (100% coaches).
Rouen-Dieppe: one train out of two.
Le Havre-Rolleville: two trains out of five.
Fécamp-Le Havre: three circulations out of five: (50% trains + 50% coaches). 
Rouen-Le Havre: three trains out of four.
Elbeuf-Yvetot: one train out of three.
Évreux-Lisieux-Caen-Cherbourg: one train out of three.

Lisieux-Trouville-Deauville-Dives-Cabourg: nine trains out of ten. 
Caen-Saint-Lo-Coutances-Granville: two out of three traffic (45% trains, 55% coaches).
Caen-Rennes: no traffic.
Paris-Dreux-Argentan-Granville: one train out of two.
Rouen-Caen: four out of five traffic (45% trains, 55% coaches).
Le Mans-Alencon-Argentan-Caen: two trains and 13 coaches.

Intercités:  one train out of two

Paris-Rouen-Le Havre: one train out of two.
Paris-Caen-Cherbourg: three trains out of five.
Paris-Granville: two trains out of five. 
Caen-Le Mans -Tours: no traffic.

TGV  (Le Havre-Marseille): no traffic

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