President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte launch flowers at a ceremony at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial on March 10, 2018 in New Delhi

Emmanuel Macron in India, Three Days, to “Seal a Strong Pact” with New Delhi

The head of state, Emmanuel Macron, makes his first state visit to India. A move in great pomp placed under the sign of the economy and ecology from Friday to Sunday. Emmanuel Macron began Saturday his state visit to India with the ambition to “seal a strong pact” with the demographic giant of South Asia, which Paris […]

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US President Donald Trump announced on March 1 that he would hit high taxes on imports of steel and aluminum in the United States, at the risk of provoking a trade war with his main partners.

United States: Indignation after the Announcement of US Taxes on Steel and Aluminium

ECONOMY: Donald Trump mentioned tariffs of 25% for steel and 10% for aluminium, but without specifying which countries they will target … The US president announced Thursday that he will hit high taxes on imports of steel and aluminum in the United States. The stock market on Wall Street has dropped more than 400 points after […]

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Emmanuel Macron gets agreements on nuclear and beef

China: Emmanuel Macron gets Agreements on Nuclear and Beef

China visit on Monday 8th January, Emmanuel Macron clinched an agreement on Tuesday for Areva and the lifting of the Chinese embargo on beef Emmanuel Macron , who hopes of re-balancing the trade relationship with Beijing, won this Tuesday 9th January, the second day of his visit to China, a providential agreement for Areva and announced a lifting of the chinese  embargo […]

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The French and Turkish presidents Emmanuel Macron and Erdogan

Turkey: Emmanuel Macron Meeting Erdogan to “Maintain a Dialogue”

DIPLOMACY: French President, Emmanuel Macron receives his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Paris today, despite the purges in Turkey … Syria, Europe and human rights in Turkey are the program of the meeting to be held this Friday in Paris between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his counterpart Emmanuel Macron. This visit is the most important of […]

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Michel Barnier does not reject the offer of ambitious trade deal after Brexit

Brexit: Barnier Does Not Reject the Idea of ​​an Ambitious Trade Agreement

EUROPE: Michel Barnier said on Monday that the EU was open to an ambitious trade agreement with the United Kingdom, once the Brexit become effective. But he said that Brussels will not compromise on its red lines. The head of the European Union negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier said this Monday that the EU was ready […]

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Thierry Bolloré, the number two of the French group Renault, signed on Monday, the agreement with Iran.

Industry: Renault Signed an Agreement of 660 Million Euros with Iran

The French automaker Renault signed on Monday, an important agreement in Iran to eventually produce 300,000 cars a year in the country. The French automaker Renault signed on Monday, an important agreement in Iran to produce 300 000 cars per year term in the country via a joint venture that will be an investment of […]

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CETA: The Free Trade Agreement of Canada and Europe in Six Points

The European Parliament will vote Wednesday on the Economic Agreement with Canada, which has been negotiated over five years. This text, which aims to increase trade by 25%, could be applied very quickly. It plans to lower tariffs. With some notable exceptions. What is CETA? The economic global and commercial Agreement known as CETA (Comprehensive economic […]

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Germany announced Thursday a record annual trade surplus with exports to a level not seen.

Germany Recorded a Record Trade Surplus in 2016

Germany announced on Thursday a record annual trade surplus with exports to a level not seen, which could bring water to the mill of critics of the economic policies of Angela Merkel, that of Donald Trump being in first place . Europe’s largest economy in 2016 has exported 252.9 billion euros more than it imported, […]

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There will be no special advantages for the United Kingdom after Brexit

Paris and the EU: No “Special Advantages” for London after Brexit

The President of the European Commission and the French Prime Minister ruled out that London after Brexit, can negotiate a relationship with the EU which would be more advantageous than that between the different EU countries, following a meeting in Brussels. “We are agreed on one central point: that the regime that one day will […]

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Chinese exports have fallen for September

Chinese Exports Plunged 7.3% in October

Chinese exports fell 7.3% year on year in October, more than expected, highlighting the plunge in September this gloom international demand, said Tuesday the administration of Customs. The Asian giant, the main commercial power in the world, saw its exports melt last month to 178.2 billion dollars, after a 10% decline in September, reflecting a […]

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