In October, Western Brittany was Sunnier than Corsica

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More sunshine has been recorded for Brittany than Corsica for the month of October

Meteo France noted that October was much sunnier in Western Brittany, than Ajaccio or Toulouse.  With 147 hours of sunshine recorded between the 1st and 27th October, a Breton record since 1994 …

The month ends have been unusually sunny. With 147 hours of sunshine recorded at Brest between the 1 st  and 27th October, for the west of Brittany, breaking the previous record dating from 1994 with only 142 hours.

A record was so beaten to the tip of Brittany, but more surprisingly, Meteo France also notes that with 147 hours of sunshine, sunshine was well above Brest to Ajaccio (124 hours) or at Toulouse (122 hours).

The Weather Channel website explains that “the conditions of anticyclonic border that dominated much of the month, allowed to have enough air to escape the stubborn grays.”

More sunshine in Brittany than Corsica or in the Midi-Pyrénées: we really have no right to complain about this off-season! Especially since, without reaching the Brest records, he also made beautiful in Lorient (149 hours of sunshine), Saint Brieuc (139 hours) and Quimper (132 hours).

Note that over the same period, as usual, he made less beautiful in the east of Brittany. The Rennes basin has had only 111 hours of sunshine, which remains close to the normal sunshine of October with 117 hours.

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