The Facial Cleansing Brush, do we Need this New Beauty Routine?

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The electric facial cleaning brush is to be put on sale in the supermarkets

BEAUTY: For the first time, an electric facial cleaning brush will be sold in the beauty section of the supermarket, a good idea? …

  • The electric cleaning brush face Pure Skin Nivea arrives late October for the first time in the beauty aisles within supermarkets.

  • The Clarisonic brand was the first to launch such a brush, in 2004 in the United States.

  • For many brands have released what seems to have become a staple of the beauty routine. But is the brush so effective?

A routine soon to be in all the bathrooms? The electric cleaning brush for the face arrives late October for the first time in the aisles of the beauty section within supermarkets, next to the makeup cleaners and makeup removers. The Beiersdorf group chose France to “present a preview and exclusive” , its “major launch of 2017, the electric cleaning facial brush, the Nivea Pure Skin”, welcomed Morgane Jouot, marketing director France- Belgium-Holland group. With this product, Nivea wants to “make sustainable change in behaviour for the care of your facial skin,” says Emilie Revel, group leader Nivea Visage France.  Do we need this new beauty routine?

A niche market in France

Born in 2004 in the United States, the pioneer of cleaning brushes faces, Mia Clarisonic was able to remove makeup and cleanse the facial skin layer through its 300 micro-oscillations per second, in a movement of return (not rotation), popularized by Oprah Winfrey who presents her TV show in 2007. Object of desire of the most seasoned beauticians, “the Clarisonic” makes a lot of attention on blogs and in the press when it comes to France in 2012 ( Mia 2 , Clarisonic, 150 euros at Sephora).

Soon, other brands specializing in beauty tecnology are emerging as the Swedish Foreo and its range of silicone pin brushes, called “Luna” , launched in 2013 (from 49 euros to 199 euros Sephora). Cosmetic brands and small appliance manufacturers are following suit: Sonic System Clinic (119 euros) in 2014, Braun FaceSpa 853V (99 euros) in 2015 or the Care Darphin Institute The Face in 2016 (149 euros).

In the US and Asia, women are quickly seized by these brushes, though in France, they remain a niche market. “Less than one in two known electric cleaning brushes. And only 5% of French possess one “Morgane Jouot adds. Nivea aims to “change this market” and to teach the French “this smart gesture of beauty.”

A soft brush is not a sander

“If women do not use the cleaning brush face is because they fear that their skin deep” analyzes Morgane Jouot. However, “its use is absolutely not dangerous,” confided Dr Anny Cohen-Letessier at the launch of the  Clarisonic .

“This is not a problem when the brushes are soft,” said, meanwhile, the Dr. Henry Pawin. Nivea Pure Skin brings together some 36,000 filaments, “as fine as a human hair,” says Emilie Revel, developed in partnership with a Swiss provider “who participated in the advent of the electric toothbrush.”

A view shared by many dermatologists since the launch of the first models, which still call for caution in people with fragile skin, sensitive, irritable or with lesions like eczema, rosacea or acne.

If Nivea promotes daily use, each to find their own rhythm for its use. The thin and sensitive skin such decrease the frequency of use in order to avoid a rebound effect that boosts the production of sebum or skin dryness.

Skin clean and glowing

The brush can be an asset to the skin, provided to adjust its rate of use for their skin type. “A good skin cleansing is an essential weapon to rid the skin from pollution and regain clear skin and a radiant complexion,” Alain Geloën, physiologist, scientific advisor Nivea.

These brushes clean the skin depth. Nivea even promises a “skin cleansing 7 times more efficient than manual cleaning. ”

The brush removes impurities, cleanses the pores, removes dead cells and stimulates skin microcirculation. “The principle of its brushes is to remove the surface layers of the skin and the quality of the skin depends on the regularity of the skin surface,” says Dr. Henry Pawin. Used wisely, these brushes therefore allow for a more luminous complexion, more radiant skin.

Dermatologists David and Catherine Orentreich, Clinique brand consultants also believe that after a thorough cleaning: “The skin is more likely to receive care. “Same story with Dr. Anny Cohen-Letessier:” The products penetrate better on a perfectly clean skin ”

Are they easy to use ?

The brush is used with your usual facial cleanser once a day, or more if you feel the need. A few seconds on the T-zone, forehead and on each cheek enough, and presto, a clean, cleansed skin. Apply your care to maximise the effects of cleaning.

Remember to clean the brush after use and, as for the electric toothbrush, change the tip every three months to avoid bacterial growth.

A brush, but which one?

Brushes with small rotating head rotations are usually a little cheaper than brushes vibration or “micro-oscillations.” The latter have a more effective action. According to the brush you choose, it will be more or less equipped with accessories will be multifunctional. No doubt that with a brush displaying “technology movement by micro-oscillations per scan (310 movements per second),” Nivea Pure Skin, rises to the level of the reference mark, Clarisonic. Priced at 69.90 euros, it proves to be one of the best value market price.

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