Stylist Emmanuelle Khanh Died at the Age of 79 Years

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Emmanuelle Khanh has died, aged 79 years old, of cancer

She passed away on Friday, killed by cancer …

Stylist Emmanuelle Khanh, one of the pioneers of ready-to-wear in the 1960s, died Friday morning at her Paris home at the age of 79, her family said.

Died in her sleep, killed by cancer

“The family of Emmanuelle Khanh fashion designer is sad to announce the death on Friday morning surrounded by her family,” the statement said. “She passed away in her sleep, killed by cancer against which she has fought for several weeks,” said her son, Othello Khanh.

She was married in 1957 to the designer Quasar Khanh, who died in June 2016, and she also had a daughter, Atlantic.

“When we feel good, we are more apt to be cheerful”

Emmanuelle Khanh, recognised by her large glasses which she had a real fashion accessory, created a style for young women of the time, with low waist skirts and blouses with long neck.

It launched in 1962 a claw, Emma Christie, with another designer, Christiane Bailly. Freelance designer until 1970, she worked for shops like Dorothée Bis, or Laura, Sam Rykiel, Sonia’s husband, working with Cacharel, Missoni, or catalog La Redoute.

Ski clothing, jackets, umbrellas, brassieres, fur: the designer launched her eponymous label in 1972. “I do not do fashion, I do female clothes for women which are beautiful. When we feel good, we are more apt to be joyful! ” She had said in October 2016 on the occasion of the sale of some 150 garments from his personal collection.

Emmanuelle Khanh had stopped its activities in 1997.

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