Seine et Marne: A Resident of Savigny-le-Temple Launches a Petition against the Fuel Prices

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Priscillia Ludosky would like to reach at least 1500 signatures against fuel prices

A resident of Savigny-le-Temple launched a petition on the internet platform to demand a drop in fuel prices.

“Since January 2018, especially, we have seen a sharp rise in the price of fuel. That is an increase of 7.6 cents / liter for diesel, and 3.8 cents / liter for gasoline. In 2021, gasoline and diesel will be at the same price. According to the French Union of Petroleum Industries (UFIP), diesel should still increase by 34 cents during the mandate of Emmanuel Macron. By 2021, it should be more expensive than the unleaded! Priscillia Ludosky, a resident of Savigny-le-Temple, does not mince words and shouts her anger. The latter has decided to launch petition against the soaring price at the pump.

The reasons

This regular long distance is, on average, a full weekly and has seen, since the beginning of the year, its fuel budget fly . The idea? “Lower taxes if you can not influence the price of oil,” she says.

To do this, Priscillia Ludosky lists the reasons justifying the rise in fuel prices: conflict between oil-exporting countries, increased margins at gas stations and government taxes , etc. “It is quite honorable that we seek solutions to circulate by polluting our environment as little as possible. But the tax increase imposed by the government is not the solution, “she said.

So what is the solution ? Priscillia Ludosky offers several tracks. La Savignienne would, indeed, wish to see the sale of diesel vehicles and eventually gasoline vehicles to be replaced to make way for hybrid / electric vehicles. Further promote teleworking to limit the movement of workers. But also allocate subsidies and other aid to companies that would settle in the province to relieve large cities. Fund or continue to fund projects to create eco / bio-fuel.

“Through the petition, I hope to gather as many people as possible to take action together and make things happen,” concludes Priscillia Ludosky.

In the meantime, some 1050 dissatisfied people have already signed on

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