Nicolas Sarkozy : The Four Main Points of the “Security Plan”

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Nicolas sarkozy unveils his plans for security in France
Nicolas sarkozy unveils his plans for security in France
Former President Nicolas Sarkozy, October 29, 2015 made a speech before the students of MGIMO, the prestigious Institute of International Relations of Moscow – AFP KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

The leader of the Republicans unveiled its proposals in an interview with Le Parisien …

Nicolas Sarkozy unveils his “security Plan”.  The leader of the Republicans details his proposals about policing, justice and the fight against terrorism in an interview with Parisien / Aujourd’hui this forthcoming Tuesday.

These are the four major announcements of the former head of state that he is proposing.

1. “Free the police subtasks”

Nicolas Sarkozy intends to “liberate” the security forces’ of all secondary or peripheral tasks for the “focus” on core tasks: public order, intelligence, investigation.  The former head of state gives an example: to enable highway employees to “clear violations” related to speed and “transmit these findings to the police authority, administrative or criminal.”

“I do not see why it should only be a gendarmerie biker, or the police who must speed controls, on a motorway axis granted by the state”, he justifies.

2. “Restore the authority of the state”

The boss Republicans made ​​an observation: “There is more state authority,” citing the example of the defeat of a Wednesday Op Franco-German police n in Tarnac(Corrèze), where Julien Coupat lives, libertarian militant suspected of sabotage on railway lines in 2008.  “Thirty activists prevented a search by police officers,” he denounced. “The police were unable to exercise their lack of support mission of their authority,” “yet another illustration” he said “the weakening of the state and its authority.”

Meanwhile, “there is an area where (Minister of Justice) Christiane Taubira keeps her promises: the number of prisoners has decreased in France for three years.  The crimes are increasing and the number of people in prison decreases, who can accept it? “. He adds. “The Republic shall cease to fall over.” “The enforcement of sentences” should be a “priority”, he argues, as offering “the drug traffickers who have actually completed their prison sentences to be banned from their release in the neighborhood where they committed their crimes. ” It also advocates the establishment of “police lookouts” in “the most difficult areas.”

3. Discuss the self-defense

Nicolas Sarkozy believes that this proposal would allow police to better defend themselves. “Every day, there are on average about twenty policemen and gendarmes injured in service. Attacks on security forces are exploding.  And they have right to use a weapon that from the moment you pull them over.  I want us to debate the presumption of self-defense “, and disputes the idea of ​​copying ideas from the Front Nationale(FN), “It was not a proposal for Marine Le Pen, but the unions of police officers, and the idea has been taken over.”

4. Fight against terrorism

In the fight against terrorism, “any foreign or bi-national resident who leaves France to make jihad should not return to France.  And any French National who travels abroad and does jihad, when they return, they go to jail, “he says. To better fight against the terrorist threat, Nicolas Sarkozy believes that “the only way to be more effective right away, is to put more hours dedicated to it.”


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