Nantes Legislative: The Absence of a Candidate PS upsets Republicans

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In the Nantes Legislative, the absence of a PS Candidate upsets the Republicans

Loire-Atlantique Republicans denounce a “collusion” between the Socialist Party and EnMarche! in the first district Nantes Orvault. The PS will not send a candidate facing François de Rugy, standing for the Republic En Marche!

Julien Bainvel, RS-UDI candidate in the first district Nantes Orvault, would have preferred a candidate of the Socialist Party. History of dividing the left … and the voices of voters. So the decision of PS 44 to only present one in this constituency upset Republicans and probably their election strategy.

The PS clears the way for François de Rugy, former environmentalist Ally now representing the Republic En Marche!. The Reublicans sees “the arrangements between friends” and recalled that François de Rugy “voted for all the socialist bills of Francois Hollande, hoping in vain to return to the government before the end of the mandate.” Republicans denounced a “collusion PS / En Marche. […] There is no renewal of will but a politician calculation, a tacit agreement between the two formations to try to keep this district in return for what commitment? “

 Recall also that the mayor of center-right Orvault Joseph Parpaillon also vote in favor of its former municipal opponent, François de Rugy.

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