What are the property prices in Brittany

Real Estate: What are the Most Expensive Cities in Brittany?

Want to become an owner in Brittany without breaking the bank? Here is a list of the most expensive cities in the region by type of purchase: apartment, house or building land. Buy yes, but at what price! ”  2017 was a good year , especially in terms of new apartment sales . As at the end of the year, sales are booming […]

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It is in the hypercentre that the prices of the immobiier are the most expensive, in Toulouse.

Toulouse: Here are the Real Estate Prices

According to the notaries, Toulouse remains an affordable city in terms of real estate, compared to other cities. What are the prices? We take stock Sales volumes in the former are still important in Toulouse . According to the Interdepartmental Chamber of Notaries, if the Pink City is to face being ranked the 6th of the most expensive cities in […]

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Always attractive, Caen saw property prices increase 3.8% in 2017

The Real Estate Market is Rising Again in Caen

PROPERTY: Volume record transactions, still low interest rates, property prices in Caen are starting to rebound in recent months. A trend that is not expected to influence the course of the year 2018. Prices rose in 2017 An increase of 3.8%. This is the number to remember the real estate market in Caen in 2017. In Caen, […]

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Property prices in the major cities of France are rising

Property Prices Continue to Rise in Major Cities, including Bordeaux

REAL ESTATE: The MeilleursAgents site indicates a sharp rise in property prices in January 2017, amid rising interest rates, except in Lille where the measurement of rent control would affect … According to the new edition of the monthly survey of real estate prices of MeilleursAgents.com , soaring property prices in major cities of France continued […]

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Real Estate prices are rising again in France

Real Estate: Prices are Rising Again as Credit Rates are Lowest

REAL ESTATE: In a favourable context, buyers are becoming more … Never seen. Month after month, credit rates fall. “It does not stop. The banks seem to always go further in the race for the best rates, “says Cécile Roquelaure Director of Studies at Empruntis . According to the broker, a mortgage of 200,000 euros […]

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There has been an increase in the property sales in the brittany region of France

Brittany: The Property Market was Smiling Again in 2015

Sales are rising again last year, in the old as in the new … After several years of crisis or stagnation, the Breton property market has finally regained colour last year.  According to figures provided by Western Notaries , the sales volume has increased dramatically in 2015 in the area to return to its level […]

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