Toulouse: Here are the Real Estate Prices

It is in the hypercentre that the prices of the immobiier are the most expensive, in Toulouse.

According to the notaries, Toulouse remains an affordable city in terms of real estate, compared to other cities. What are the prices? We take stock

Sales volumes in the former are still important in Toulouse . According to the Interdepartmental Chamber of Notaries, if the Pink City is to face being ranked the 6th of the most expensive cities in regions, it remains an affordable city in the real estate plan.

“Prices remain very affordable and the increases measured if we look at what is happening in Lyon (+ 5.3% in 2017) and Bordeaux (+ 12% in 2017).  It is possible to stay for it on average for 3600 euros m 2 in the downtown , is 1000 euros less than the other two cities I mentioned, “said Me Pailhès.

In the hypercentre, prices are the most expensive

In detail, it is in the hypercentre that prices are the most expensive. To buy a home in the Saint-Georges district , you have to pay 4480 € / m2. In the Carmes , the price goes to 4230 € / m2, while Saint-Aubin-Dupuy is placed at the 3 rd step of the podium of the most expensive districts (4170 €).

On the other hand, the neighborhoods Soupetard (1890 €), Izards (1790 €) and Lafourguette (1760 €), are the cheapest neighborhoods in Toulouse, according to the notaries.

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