Presidential: La Manche chooses Emmanuel Macron with 67.23%

Local News
La Manche has largely preferred to Emmanuel Macron Marine Le Pen

VOTING: In the image of its five cities, La Manche has widely preferred Emmanuel Macron to Marine Le Pen. The score difference in graphics.

La Manche has largely chosen Emmanuel Macron on the evening of Sunday 7th May, during the second round of the presidential election. The vote for him comprises 67.23% of the votes cast. In comparison, his score, nationally approaches the 66%.

Cities against villages

The candidate from En Marche! made his best score in major cities when Marine Le Pen roundup of the vote in rural areas as in Airel where it is well ahead of Emmanuel Macron by collecting 57% of the vote. More than 25 000 voters voted whites (8% of the votes) for 2.81% of invalid votes. 21.85% of voters abstained in La Manche region.

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