Nigel Farage photographed on May 26, 2019 after the announcement of the results of the European elections.

European Elections: Brexit Party Victory in United Kingdom Reinforces “No Deal” Hypothesis

RESULTS: Voters in the United Kingdom severely punished the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Theresa May, in European Elections relegated to 5th place with 7.5% of the vote The Brexit Party of the Populist Nigel Farage , in favor of a clean break with the EU, tops the list in the European elections results for the United Kingdom with 31.5% of the votes, […]

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European Elections 2019, surprise victory for pro Europeans in Netherlands

European Elections 2019: Surprise Victory of Pro-Europeans in the Netherlands

Pro-European candidates, especially Labour, emerged victorious from the first European Elections result on Thursday 23rd May, 2019, in the Netherlands, beating the polls. The Dutch pro-European parties and especially the Labor Party thwarted Thursday 23 May 2019 polls and analysts who announced a victory of the populists in the European elections and emerged victorious, according to preliminary estimates, under […]

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Two years after Brexit, the idea of ​​a new referendum is gaining ground in the United Kingdom.

Brexit: Towards the Organization of a Second Referendum in the United Kingdom?

Will the United Kingdom go to the polls a second time to decide on the country’s membership of the European Union? The idea is making its way to the land of Brexit. After two years of government quarrels and other parliamentary dissensions over the Brexit, the idea that only a new referendum will be able to decide […]

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Brexit. Did Ukip finance its campaign with European funds?

Brexit: Has Ukip Financed its Campaign with European Funds?

Did Nigel Farage win the campaign for the release of the European Union with European funds? That is the question on Tuesday, 22nd November for the UK Electoral Commission. If this is proved, the anti-European party must reimburse 421,000 euros. The British electoral commission said on Tuesday it has opened an investigation into the possible use of […]

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