Brexit: Has Ukip Financed its Campaign with European Funds?

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Brexit. Did Ukip finance its campaign with European funds?

Did Nigel Farage win the campaign for the release of the European Union with European funds? That is the question on Tuesday, 22nd November for the UK Electoral Commission. If this is proved, the anti-European party must reimburse 421,000 euros.

The British electoral commission said on Tuesday it has opened an investigation into the possible use of EU funds by the anti-European and anti-immigration party Ukip to finance its campaign for Brexit.

The rules governing the European subsidies which the European parties and foundations among others can claim prohibit “the direct or indirect financing of national political parties”, said the commission.

It will determine whether the British Panel accepted donations from the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE), a European party that dominates, above the June 23 referendum that led to the exit of the United Kingdom of the EU.

The Bureau of the European Parliament has already indicated Monday that ADDE will forfeit 421,000 euros of EU funds. According to an external audit, the party called for European funds to finance “non-eligible expenditure” , especially related to political activities of the training Nigel Farage UK.

These expenditures relate ADDE including new surveys as part of the British general election in May 2015 and upstream of the British referendum on the EU. “Most survey questions were related to the campaign Leave  conducted by the Ukip “

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