Two police officers have been murdered in Magnaville

Magnanville: Islamic State claims the Murder of the Couple of Police Officers

A police commander and his wife were killed with knives by a man on Monday night at their home in Magnanville. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in the night. A 42-year police commander and his companion were killed Monday night in Magnanville , in Yvelines, in an attack with knives claimed by the organization […]

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Could Mediterranean beaches be the next terrorist target of Islamic State

The Mediterranean Beaches, Could They be the Next Target of Daesh?

TERRORISM: The intelligence services of some European countries fear an attack based on that of Sousse, in Tunisia … Could the Mediterranean beaches be the target of the jihadist organization Islamic State this summer? That’s what worried the secret services of some European countries less than a year after an attack against a Tunisian hotel in […]

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French Air strikes in Syria have destroyed a training camp of Islamic state

French Air Strikes Destroy a Daech Training Camp in Syria

Air strikes have destroyed a “training camp” of the Islamic State group according to the French Ministry of Defence. This raid, organized in conjunction with aircraft of the coalition led by Washington on Monday, was conducted “at sixty kilometres north-east of Aleppo in Manbij region,” said a statement from the French Ministry of Defence. We […]

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President Hollande announces successes against Daesh Oil traffic in Syria

Francois Hollande: The Daesh Oil Traffic is Reduced

The French head of state, Francois Hollande said that the portfolio of the jihadist organization IS dries … The strikes are bearing fruit. French President Francois Hollande said on Friday that the lucrative oil smuggling from Syria organized by the organization Islamic state (IS) had been “greatly reduced” through the bombing by the coalition forces. The Head […]

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Francois Hollande is to visit the Aircraft Carrier, Charles de Gaulle

Syria: Francois Hollande Visits the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle

The Elysée announced the imminent arrival of the Head of State on the aircraft carrier deployed off the coast of Syria … The head of state, Francois Hollande goes this Friday on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, deployed in the eastern Mediterranean to participate in operations in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic state […]

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Abdelhamid Abaaoud is confirmed dead in Paris

Abaaoud, Died in Saint-Denis, was involved in “Four or more attacks”

Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed during the assault conducted on Wednesday by the security forces against a flat Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). His body was “positively identified”, announced the prosecutor of Paris in a statement today, Thursday.  He was suspected by investigators to be the organizer of the attacks of 13 November in Paris and the Stade de […]

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French aircraft have done their third raid in 24 hours

Attacks in Paris: Third French Raid against Daesh in Raqqa

The French aircraft struck Tuesday for the third consecutive day the stronghold of the Islamic State Group to Raqqa in northern Syria, said the Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. Paris maintains pressure. The French aircraft hit on Tuesday for the third consecutive day the stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State) in Raqqa in northern Syria, said […]

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Charles de Gaulle set to relocate to the persian Gulf

Attacks in Paris. The Charles de Gaulle Prepares to hit Daech

The attacks in Paris are “an act of war,” said Francois Hollande. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle prepares to sail for the Persian Gulf. Francois Hollande announced the deployment of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to intensify the fight against Daech without specifying the place of his deployment. Some days later, the spokesman […]

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French Aircraft bomb targets in Syria

VIDEO. The French Hunters unleash 20 Bombs on Raqqa

Two targets were destroyed by French planes … The military response to the attacks in Paris of November 13 began. Sunday evening, the French air force carried out a massive bombardment of Raqqa, a stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State) in Syria. The General Staff of the Armed forces says that during the raid of two important […]

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