French Air Strikes Destroy a Daech Training Camp in Syria

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French Air strikes in Syria have destroyed a training camp of Islamic state

Air strikes have destroyed a “training camp” of the Islamic State group according to the French Ministry of Defence.

This raid, organized in conjunction with aircraft of the coalition led by Washington on Monday, was conducted “at sixty kilometres north-east of Aleppo in Manbij region,” said a statement from the French Ministry of Defence.

We have “helped destroy an important site for Daech (Arabic word Islamic State), a training camp and storage facility for weapons” .

“The air strikes were made ​​up of twenty aircraft, including  the rafale French fighter that hit with SCALP missiles” , said the ministry. “During this strike, one of the SCALP missiles suffered a technical problem making it inoperative . He broke up crashing in a field ” , he says.

Twenty countries to strengthen the fight against Daech

The ministry statement made no mention of those killed or injured during this operation.

On Wednesday, twenty countries involved in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria promised to intensify their campaign against the jihadist group.  For over a year, Washington says that they have “launched nearly 10,000 air strikes” in Iraq and Syria.

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