Magnanville: Islamic State claims the Murder of the Couple of Police Officers

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Two police officers have been murdered in Magnaville

A police commander and his wife were killed with knives by a man on Monday night at their home in Magnanville. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in the night.

A 42-year police commander and his companion were killed Monday night in Magnanville , in Yvelines, in an attack with knives claimed by the organization Islamic State (IS) through its QAMA agency. “Source of QAMA agency: an Islamic State fighter kills deputy head of police of the city of Les Mureaux and his wife ” , written QAMA agency related to IS, on its website.

Two police officers murdered in Magnaville

Negotiations deadlocked

The police commander of the police station of Les Mureaux was killed by nine stab wounds to the abdomen late Monday outside his home in Magnanville, fifty kilometres from Paris, by an individual of unknown identity and motivations, said the French authorities. Soon after, all the locals around the house were evacuated before a police presence therefore does prevents all the comings and goings, said a journalist from AFP.  Then the officers of the elite unit of the Raid  “soon arrived on the scene. Negotiations were initiated and an assault plan was developed “, said the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior Pierre-Henry Brandet.

After the assault of the Raid, a helicopter Civil Security landed a few hundred metres, while several fire trucks and Samu came out of the security perimeter. “With Negotiations not making progress, it was decided to storm “, added the spokesman. Strong detonations were sounded at midnight in this residential area.

The murder of two police officers by Islamic State

The child of the couple found safe and well

“On entering the security forces who were acting with the authorization of the legitimate defense of others found the body of a woman” and “the assailant was shot dead”, reported the prosecutor of Versailles. This woman, the companion of the slain commander, was administrative secretary to the police station of Mantes-la-Jolie, did we police said.  Then the officers of the Raid have “saved” a little boy of three years “shocked but unharmed “, which was supported by the medical teams, according to the prosecutor.  A three year old child was recovered shocked but unharmed in the house, said the prosecutor of Versailles, Vincent Lesclous. ” We have no items on the motivations of this gesture, we are working on ordinary motives”, he added.

The terrorism prosecutor before the investigation was referred to the Anti-terrorism sub-directorate (SDAT), police . court of Versailles and the Directorate General of internal security  the Elysee has denounced a “cowardly” assassination, adding, “All the light will be shed on the circumstances of this abominable drama whose investigation under the authority of the justice will determine the exact nature “.

François Hollande will preside at 7.45am, a meeting devoted to this event. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve expressed his “infinite sadness”  and stressed the “great professionalism” Police Raid. He will travel Tuesday morning “to the police of Mureaux and Mantes-la-Jolie” to “bear witness to the solidarity of the government”.  The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls expressed his part, the “whole nation solidarity to the police” and called “refuse fear, fight terrorism”, on Twitter.

France under threat.

This drama comes less than two days after the killing of Orlando (USA), who made 49 dead and 53 wounded in a gay club an act perpetrated by an American of Afghan origin who has called for the EI. It is also QAMA agency had attributed the massacre to Orlando “a fighter EI”. From Paris attacks of 13 November , which made 130 deaths, the France lives more than ever under terrorist threat. It is in this heavy atmosphere, and with a solid safety device that France welcomes since June 10, the Euro football. “France is now, clearly, the most threatened country”, was estimated May domestic intelligence chief, Patrick Calvar.  on 24 November 2015, the Islamic State press office in the province of al-Raqqa had released a video in which francophone fighters EI threatened to French new attacks against their “houses”.

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