Prime minister Edouard Philippe visits Caribbean

Edouard Philippe in the Caribbean, Two Months after the Hurricanes Maria and Irma

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe goes on Saturday to Martinique, for a three-day trip in the French Caribbean, devastated by Irma and Maria hurricanes. Edouard Philippe begins Saturday Martinique a three-day trip to the French West Indies, the Prime Minister will complete Monday in the islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, devastated there two months by the Empowered hurricane Irma. “We […]

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95 percent of the French side of Saint Martin is destroyed after Hurrican Irma

Hurricane Irma “Completely Devastated” the French side of St. Martin “95% Destroyed”

WEATHER: The number of victims is still uncertain … The balance sheet looks very heavy in the wake of Hurricane Irma . The French part of the island of St. Martin has “destroyed 95%”, announced the local authorities, and the balance is for the time of six dead, said the Prefect of Guadeloupe. The small island […]

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