Hurricane Irma “Completely Devastated” the French side of St. Martin “95% Destroyed”

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95 percent of the French side of Saint Martin is destroyed after Hurrican Irma

WEATHER: The number of victims is still uncertain …

The balance sheet looks very heavy in the wake of Hurricane Irma . The French part of the island of St. Martin has “destroyed 95%”, announced the local authorities, and the balance is for the time of six dead, said the Prefect of Guadeloupe.

The small island of Barbuda, located 200 km south of Saint-Martin, it was “totally devastated” by the hurricane, which caused the death of a person, according to Prime Minister Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne.

Radio RCI Guadeloupe posted a video of a rally in Saint-Martin after the passage of Irma:

These photos and videos were taken in the Dutch part of the island of St. Martin:

Here are pictures of the island of Barbuda:

“For now we have only one death was recorded,” said Gaston Browne, but the powerful Category 5 hurricane, the maximum intensity of the category for these phenomena, caused such destruction the island with 1,600 inhabitants “is a pile of rubble.”

“I have never seen such destruction,” said the leader CNN after visiting the island of Barbuda, stating that “95% of Barbuda properties are damaged.” “The infrastructure is damaged, all institutions, hospitals, schools. It breaks your heart. ” And in light of “the magnitude of the devastation, I am surprised that we have not more deaths,” assured the Prime Minister of this Caribbean archipelago.

According to the estimate he could make visiting the site on Wednesday after Irma had swept the island in the night, “about 20 or 30% of properties are totally demolished.”

Telecommunications services are also out of action and the airport is no longer able to accommodate flights, virtually cutting off the island from the rest of the world.

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