Notre-Dame Cathedral, two days after the fire

Notre-Dame: Why the Billion Euros of Donations is Controversial

Great fortunes have shown generosity for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame cathedral. But this momentum is annoying, as donations for the fight against poverty fall. A dizzying influx of donations to rebuild Notre-Dame.  And voices denouncing a selective generosity. While “yellow vests” claim for months on the street a rise in their purchasing power and that aid to the poorest is […]

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The weekend events in the Deauville region

Heritage Days: The Program for the Deauville Region

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September, the Heritage Days offer the opportunity to discover places rarely accessible to the public. This is the case in Deauville (Calvados). As part of Heritage Days, Saturday 15th September and Sunday 16th September, 2018, InDeauville offers a series of tours, conferences, concerts to discover below. Visits and guided walks Saturday 15th […]

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Events not to miss in Lorraine this weekend

European Heritage Days: Five Events Not to be Missed in Lorraine

The European Heritage Days will take place on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September 2018. The opportunity to discover five masterpieces of the heritage of Lorraine. The kick off of the European Heritage Days (EHD) will be given Saturday 15th September, 2018. Throughout the weekend, hundreds of emblematic places in France will open their doors to the […]

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The Croix de la Verite is located at the traffic lights of the Carnel Bridge and the Avenue de la Perrière, opposite the School of Fine Arts in Lorient

Heritage: The Croix de la Verite Honoured in Lorient

It is a small monument of the eighteenth century, not well known in Lorient and one of four local sites listed in the inventory of historic monuments. A plaque, inaugurated this Saturday 15th September, explains its history. The Croix de la Verite (Cross of Truth) finally explained. After the work of fans of the local history and […]

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Francois Hollande opens the new replica of the Lascaux Caves, called Lascaux 4

Francois Hollande Inaugurated Lascaux 4 in the Dordogne

Francois Hollande on Saturday inaugurated the Centre international d’art pariétal de Montignac (Dordogne) which houses a new replica of the prehistoric cave of Lascaux , dubbed “Lascaux 4”, before opening to the public on the 15th December. Arriving at 3pm, the head of state, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, has experienced the visit […]

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Employees work to restore the Vaulted Roof at the Saint-Donatien Basilica in Nantes

Nantes: A Significant Milestone in the Restoration of the Saint-Donatien Basilica

HERITAGE:  A year and a half after the fire that destroyed the building, the operation to restore the vaults, “the most complex part of the restoration,” concludes … One by one, the 10,000 blocks of stone of varying sizes, have almost all been laid. At 30 meters high, where the roof caught fire in June 2015, a […]

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The ring of Joan of Arc is being returned to france after being bought by the Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou: The park Bought the Ring of Joan of Arc from the English for 377,000 euros

The Vendee park is organizing a ceremony for the return of the ring, taken from Joan of Arc … The return of a “jewel in the history of France.”  The Puy du Fou in the Vendée, announced Friday it won in late February in London, a somewhat unusual auction.  For 376,833 euros, the site has gained […]

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