Puy du Fou: The park Bought the Ring of Joan of Arc from the English for 377,000 euros

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The ring of Joan of Arc is being returned to france after being bought by the Puy du Fou

The Vendee park is organizing a ceremony for the return of the ring, taken from Joan of Arc …

The return of a “jewel in the history of France.”  The Puy du Fou in the Vendée, announced Friday it won in late February in London, a somewhat unusual auction.  For 376,833 euros, the site has gained a ring  belonging to Joan of Arc, symbolically confiscated by Bishop Cauchon in 1431, and which had never left England since.  Nearly 600 years later, the president of the Puy du Fou, Nicolas de Villiers, announced they had won the item back.

A ceremony on March 20

For the park to acquire the ring, the Puy du Fou says they have been mobilized in a few days, with many donors. “It was our duty to end the exile of this symbol,” says park management, which is preparing a tribute ceremony.  On 20th March, the ring will be presented to the public at 2pm, before being exposed permanently. The park will reopen for the 2016 season on April 2nd.

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