Heritage Days: The Program for the Deauville Region

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The weekend events in the Deauville region

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September, the Heritage Days offer the opportunity to discover places rarely accessible to the public. This is the case in Deauville (Calvados).

As part of Heritage Days, Saturday 15th September and Sunday 16th September, 2018, InDeauville offers a series of tours, conferences, concerts to discover below.

Visits and guided walks

  • Saturday 15th September at 3pm – The Point of View in DEAUVILLE: conference visit of the exhibition “Artists in Normandy” by Lynda Frenois, Director of the Franciscan Museum The artistic, historical and societal context in which the works presented were realized.
    Free within the limits of available seats
  • Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September at 4.30pm – Departure from the Point of View in DEAUVILLE: Traces and memories of the 1914-1918 war in today’s Deauville
    By Lionel Duhault, archivist of the City of Deauville.
    Free within the limits of available seats
  • Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of September from 15h to 18h – The Villa D’Eaux VILLERS-SUR-MER: visit the former baths of Villers (nineteenth): This historic heritage of 1903, now accommodation, retains its original facade, its interior patio, its art deco treasures and the famous frescoes.
    Free within the limits of available seats
  • Sunday 16th September from 3pm to 4.30pm – Departure of DEAUVILLE Tourism. Deauville, History and heritage. Go on a fabulous journey back in time since 1860, the date of Deauville’s creation by the Duke of Morny.
    Free on registration at 02 31 14 40 00
  • Sunday, September 16 at 11am and 3pm – Departure from the Franciscan shipyard in DEAUVILLE: guided tour of the Franciscan shipyard by Gwenaëlle Lancelot, head of the media library: The Orphanage of the Franciscan Sisters who welcomed the wounded in August 1914 of war, will become in 2020 an innovative place of culture and sharing of the memory of Deauville.
    Free within the limits of available places.
  • Sunday 16th September at 3 pm – The Point of View in DEAUVILLE
    Conference visit: “The secrets of the Peindre Collection in Normandy” by Alain Tapié, co-curator of the “Artists in Normandy” exhibition and scientific director of the Peindre en Normandie Collection . From Renoir to Monet, from Boudin to Corot, an exciting dive into the history of the works and the life of the artists who forged the art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
    Free within the limits of available places.


  • Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 16 from 10.30am to 1.30pm and 2.30pm to 6pm – The Point of View in DEAUVILLE: Artists in Normandy Delacroix, Monet, Doisneau … The exhibition takes a 360 ° look at the representations of Normandy, both in painting in photography, from 1830 to the present day.
    Free entry
  • Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of September from 2pm to 6pm – La Chatonnière in DEAUVILLE: Deauville 1914-1918, The flowered beach in the Great War. The panorama of Deauville between 1914 and 1918 is exposed in images, letters, documents. 700 documents, mostly unpublished, all surprising.
    Free entry


  • Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of September from 10.30am to 1.30pm and from 2.30pm to 6pm – The Point of View in DEAUVILLE: workshops for children from 4 years as part of the exhibition “Artists in Normandy”, playful visit, with family, croc’tableaux … will be connected throughout the day!
    Free within the limits of available places. Children must be accompanied.


  • Sunday 16th September at 3 pm – Church of SAINT-PIERRE-AZIF
    Concert of the Côte de Fleurie Choir: The Côte Fleurie choir was created almost twenty years ago and is currently directed by Mathilde Marodon, professional lyric singer who in addition to his vocal talents, he has a choir master training. The program, very varied, is based on the classics of choral singing.
    Free entry. Quest for the benefit of the church for roofing work.

Opening of churches

  • Saturday, September 15 from 2pm to 6pm- BLONVILLE-SUR-MER
    Church Notre-Dame de la Visitation
    Church This church already has a long history of almost a thousand years behind it! What appears to be the oldest are the foundations of the bell tower and choir, dating from the 11th and 13th centuries. This modest ensemble is completed from the end of the 15th century by a large nave.
  • Sunday, September 16th from 10am to 6pm – Church of BENERVILLE-SUR-MER
    The Saint-Christophe church. Located facing the sea, this church is one of the oldest churches in the region. Outside, near the entrance, there is a tombstone bearing the Templar cross and remains of stone equipment arranged in “fish bones”.
  • Sunday, September 16th from 3pm to 6pm – Church of SAINT-PIERRE-AZIF.
    Listed in historical monuments since 1926, the church belongs to two eras: the Lombardy tower and choir are from the twelfth century, the nave of the fifteenth century and early sixteenth century. It houses 9 paintings of the Flemish school and remarkable pieces of ancient or modern religious art, such as the 1887 Relief Cross, statues and a 14th century recumbent statue.

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