Presence of a deadly toxin: Intermarché and Carrefour mussels recalled

Presence of a Deadly Toxin: Intermarché and Carrefour Mussels Recalled

On Monday 10th June 2019, Carrefour and Intermarché banned two batches of mussels because of the presence of the paralyzing toxin PSP. If you bought these mussels, do not eat them and bring them back to the stores. On Monday 10th June 2019, Intermarché and Carrefour stores are recalling a batch of mussels sold on their shelves, due to the presence of the PSP […]

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Chinese cabbage is rich in fiber, antioxidants and calcium.

Recipe Idea: Have you Ever Tried Chinese Cabbage?

Minced finely in a salad or cooked in a wok, Chinese cabbage has delighted palates for a long time. Here is a simple recipe to enjoy it. The origins of Chinese cabbage are still unclear. Its culture goes back more than 7000 years. The only certainty: its birth is the result of the selection of agronomists from the Middle Kingdom. To […]

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This treatment developed in Chicago (USA) would push the survival rate up to 70% of women with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: A New Type of Treatment Increases the Survival Rate

This treatment developed in Chicago (USA) would push the survival rate up to 70% of women with breast cancer. Details. A new type of treatment can significantly improve women’s survival rates of less than 60 years with the most common type of breast cancer , announced Saturday 1st June 2019 researchers in Chicago, presenting the results of a international clinical trial . […]

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Sodebo: Pizzas recalled because of the potential presence of metal

Sodebo: Pizzas Recalled Because of the Potential Presence of Metal

Sodebo asks consumers to bring back or not to eat several of their pizzas. A metallic foreign body could be present. You bought some Sodebo pizzas ? Do not consume them, they could contain metal. As a precautionary measure, the Vendée agribusiness company decided to withdraw them and recall them, “following a suspicion of the presence of foreign metallic bodies” , […]

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The banana has 95 calories per 100 grams, all natural sugars easily assimilated by our body.

No, Bananas Do Not Make You Fat!

The Banana, the Second fruit most consumed by French households, bananas are sometimes accused of lodging on the hips. Pure defamation. 95 calories per 100 grams. The ratio of banana can seem huge. However, the calorie content of this fruit is primarily related to its richness in natural sugars . These simple carbohydrates are easily assimilated by the body. They also allow the muscles to refuel after prolonged effort. Tasted in […]

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Tobacco killed 75,000 people in France in 2015, which represents more than one in eight deaths, according to the latest official figures.

Tobacco is Responsible for One in Eight Deaths in France

According to the latest figures from Public Health France, published on Tuesday 28th May, 2019, tobacco consumption is declining, but the number of deaths is increasing. Cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases: Tobacco caused 75,000 deaths in France in 2015 , which represents more than one in eight deaths, according to the latest official figures, published Tuesday, May 28, 2019 […]

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151 cases of measles were reported in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne, Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Toulouse: 151 Cases of Measles in Haute-Garonne, Territory most Affected by the Epidemic in France

Wednesday 22nd May, 2019, Public Health France has unveiled its weekly figures on cases of measles recorded in Haute-Garonne. The department is the most affected. Explanations. For several weeks, cases of measles have continued to increase in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne. So much so that the department is the most affected by the disease in France. In its latest bulletin Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 , France […]

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Mick Jagger is in geat shape, one month after his heart surgery

Mick Jagger is in Great Shape, One Month after his heart Surgery

HEALING: The singer, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has released a more than reassuring video in which he appears in top form This is called recovery. At the beginning of April, Mick Jagger announced that he had had a heart operation , a surgical procedure that had been a success . This Wednesday, May 15, the singer of the Rolling Stones himself has […]

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Jean-Pierre Saliège was transplanted from the kidney 50 years ago. A record of longevity and for him a real message of hope

He Has Lived for 50 Years with his Mother’s Kidney: A World Record

Due to a malformation, Jean-Pierre Saliège, from Le Mans (Sarthe), underwent a kidney transplant half a century ago. For him, it is a “message of hope”. When Jean-Pierre Saliège was grafted kidney , General de Gaulle was president, the Beatles sang Hey Jude and the Man had not yet walked on the moon. 50 years later, he sees in this record longevity […]

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Ile-de-France is the region most affected by tuberculosis

Ile-de-France: Tuberculosis Cases Increased by 10% in Two Years

INFECTION: The disease, Tuberculosis is about twice as common in the Paris region as in the whole of France It is a disease that was thought to be declining. Since 2015, tuberculosis is again rising in Ile-de-France , the French region most affected by this disease. Between 2015 and 2017, Public Health France saw a 10% increase in reported cases. Tuberculosis is […]

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