Mick Jagger is in geat shape, one month after his heart surgery

Mick Jagger is in Great Shape, One Month after his heart Surgery

HEALING: The singer, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has released a more than reassuring video in which he appears in top form This is called recovery. At the beginning of April, Mick Jagger announced that he had had a heart operation , a surgical procedure that had been a success . This Wednesday, May 15, the singer of the Rolling Stones himself has […]

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Jean-Pierre Saliège was transplanted from the kidney 50 years ago. A record of longevity and for him a real message of hope

He Has Lived for 50 Years with his Mother’s Kidney: A World Record

Due to a malformation, Jean-Pierre Saliège, from Le Mans (Sarthe), underwent a kidney transplant half a century ago. For him, it is a “message of hope”. When Jean-Pierre Saliège was grafted kidney , General de Gaulle was president, the Beatles sang Hey Jude and the Man had not yet walked on the moon. 50 years later, he sees in this record longevity […]

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Ile-de-France is the region most affected by tuberculosis

Ile-de-France: Tuberculosis Cases Increased by 10% in Two Years

INFECTION: The disease, Tuberculosis is about twice as common in the Paris region as in the whole of France It is a disease that was thought to be declining. Since 2015, tuberculosis is again rising in Ile-de-France , the French region most affected by this disease. Between 2015 and 2017, Public Health France saw a 10% increase in reported cases. Tuberculosis is […]

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Tiger Mosquito: Nine More Departments on Reg Alert, Three Quarters of the Country Affected

The tiger mosquito continues to grow in France. 51 departments have just been placed in red alert. 70% of the country is concerned by the presence of this insect. The mosquito Vigilance website has just updated its map attesting to the presence of the tiger mosquito in the different departments of France. The tiger mosquito carries several diseases, including Zika virus, chikungunya and […]

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Titanium Dioxide is soon to banned in France

Health: Titanium Dioxide Soon Banned

HEALTH: Titanium dioxide, a controversial additive contained among others in confectionery, will be banned in food from January 1st, 2020 Titanium dioxide, a controversial additive contained among others in confectionery, “will be banned in food from the 1st January, 2020” , announced yesterday the ministries of ecological transition and economy. “An order suspending the placing on the market of […]

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Why are STD on the rise in France

Why Are STD Rates on the Rise in France?

The information about sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them has been made public around the world. Yet in France, the STD rate increased significantly over the past decade. Oddly enough, this happened despite widespread sexual education. This wasn’t just one outbreak of a rare sexual disease either. In fact, the infection rate of […]

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Flu, meningitis, measles: the diseases in Normandy closely monitored.

Measles, Meningitis, Flu … These Diseases Closely Monitored in Normandy

In Normandy, declarations are mandatory for certain highly supervised diseases: measles, influenza, meningitis … The first figures of 2018 are already known. Observe, alert and monitor all epidemics in the region or certain diseases: these are the missions of the Wax (cells intervention in the region), installed since 2014 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) with an antenna in Caen (Calvados) . While winter epidemics […]

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Three out of four children breathe polluted air in France

Pollution: Three out of Four Children Breathe Toxic Air in France, According to Unicef

ENVIRONMENT: “We call for respect for children’s rights, including living in a healthy environment,” says Unicef, which calls on the public authorities of France to act Three out of four children breathe toxic air in France, according to an alarmed Unicef France, in a report released Thursday. This is the first time the UN agency has taken up this theme in […]

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France prohibits certain breast implants linked to a rare cancer risk.

Cancer Risk: Breast Implants Banned in France

According to a letter from the National Agency for Health Products (ANSM), France will ban some breast implants suspected of promoting a rare form of cancer. France will ban several models of breast implants suspected of promoting a rare form of cancer, according to a letter from the National Agency for Health Products (ANSM) unveiled Wednesday 3rd April, 2019 […]

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France has 1.6 million fewer smokers since 2016

Tobacco: France has 1.6 Million Fewer Daily Smokers Since 2016

France has 1.6 million fewer daily smokers since 2016, the government announced this Monday 25th March, 2018. Details. The number of daily smokers has dropped by 1.6 million since 2016, said the government on Monday 25th March, before the holding in the afternoon of an Interdepartmental Committee devoted to health . Some 600,000 daily smokers quit smoking in the […]

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