Gas prices in France will rise again in November

Gas: Regulated Tariffs Increase by 2.6% in November

ENERGY: Rates will increase by 0.8% for those who use gas for cooking, 2.7% for those who use it for heating and 1.2% for those who are dual-use … Regulated prices of natural gas, still applied by Engie to several million customers in France will increase on average by 2.6% in November 1, according to a decision of the […]

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The Council of State has paved the way for the abolition of regulated gas tariffs in France.

Regulated Gas Tariffs will have to Disappear

Applied for more than 70 years, regulated gas tariffs are bound to disappear. This will affect more than 5 million consumers. Details. The regulated gas tariffs , applied for over 70 years Engie (formerly GDF Suez) , will have to cease to exist in order to comply with European law, a loss that will affect more than 5 million consumers. Seized […]

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What changes are in store for France in December 2016

Gas Prices, layoffs, alcohol … What changes for 1st December

Increase in regulated gas tariffs, train delays better reimbursed by SNCF, new display rules about alcohol or changes to the Labour law … Here several new provisions coming in force in France on Thursday 1st December, 2016. Gas Prices Regulated tariffs increase on 1 December by 2.6% on average . In detail, the gas for cooking increases […]

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12 million people in France are struggling to pay their electricity and gas bills

Nearly 12 Million French People Struggling to Pay their Gas and Electricity Bills

ENERGY: Nearly 6 million households spend more than 10% of their income on their energy costs … More and more French households are struggling to pay their energy bills. This was the observation made on Tuesday by the National Fuel Poverty Observatory (ONPE) . Nearly 6 million households are thus considered in fuel poverty, that is […]

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Regulated gas prices are to fall for the fifth consecutive month

The Gas Prices Fall for a Fifth Consecutive Month

Regulated gas tariffs applied by Engie to 6.4 million consumers in France, will fall by an average of 1.86% excluding VAT on February 1 … Regulated gas tariffs applied by Engie (formerly GDF Suez) to 6.4 million consumers in France, will fall by an average of 1.86% before tax on 1 February, announced Thursday. This […]

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