Siemens: 170,000 Cookers at Risk of Explosion

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Siemens: 170,000 Cookers at Risk of Explosion 1

Faulty: The brand has established a hotline through which customers can learn if their cookers are at risk …

A call for caution. The brand Siemens has just alert its customers about a failure on certain models of cookers, relays  Le Parisien . A fault in the gas fitting can cause leakage. “In some cases, the gas could escape and, in very rare cases, explode,” says the German manufacturer of appliances in Paris.

Such risks may relate 170,000 copies manufactured between 2009 and 2011 in Europe and 257 copies in France. These are HM955210F and HR645250F models.

A possible repair

Affected customers can make free repair the faulty connection by authorized technicians. Meanwhile, Siemens recommends them “immediately close the gas supply” and “stop using the device.” A hotline has been available to customers: 0,800,970,894. And a Web site explains the procedures to check if their device is concerned.

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