Regulated Gas Tariffs will (again) Increase on the 1st June

Regulated gas tariffs will increase further on 1 June 2018 in France.

Bad news for consumers who use gas. Regulated gas tariffs will increase by 2.1% in June after a previous rise in May.

After + 0.4% in May, regulated natural gas tariffs will increase to 2.1% in June,  thus reflecting the increase in wholesale prices, announced the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

In detail, the more the subscribers have a significant use of gas, the higher the rate increase will be:

  • + 0.7% for those who use the gas for cooking.
  • + 1.3% for those who have a dual use cooking and hot water.
  • + 2.2% for homes that burn with gas.

More than 10 million consumers concerned

These rates are applied by Engie to several million customers in France.

In total, 10.6 million French gas subscribers have the choice between the regulated tariffs of the former public monopoly (formerly GDF) and the market prices, proposed by both Engie and its competitors (Direct Energie, Total Spring …).

Since 2015, the price of gas has dropped in France

Since the 1st January, 2015, regulated gas sales tariffs have fallen by an average of 12.6%.

But the government is considering a gradual end to these regulated gas tariffs , with their extinction by 2023 for individuals, in order to comply with European law.

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