Branches, hedges and brambles… What should you do if your neighbour's plants encroach on your property?

Branches, Hedges and Brambles… What Should You Do if your Neighbour’s Plants encroach on your property?

If you notice that your neighbour’s branches or brambles are sticking out on your property, what are your means of action? What does the law say? Explanations with Vincent Le Goc, a lawyer at the bar of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) and Yves Honhon, a lawyer at the bar of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). “I am a tenant of my […]

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You like well-kept gardens without spending all your free time there ... Tips allow you to combine the useful while keeping the pleasant!

Weed the Garden Without Getting Tired? Here are our Tips

Your garden needs little attention to keep it from being overwhelmed by weeds. Think tips and anticipation to avoid wasting your energy and time. You are a supporter of least resistance to the garden and at the same time, you enjoy the serenity that emanates from a clean garden without weeds … Know that make life easier in the garden […]

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La plancha, the occasion for a convivial meal.

The Grilling Season is Launched, How to Choose a Plancha?

Gas or electric, with a cast iron or steel plate, what dimensions? The plancha is ideal for a light and balanced meal, provided you choose the right model. A quick-cooking, high temperature and without adding fat. This is the reason for the success of the plancha which arrived on the French market some ten years ago. On its plate, you can […]

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The tax on garden shelters increases further in 2019

Taxes: Garden Shelter Tax Increases Further in 2019

If you intend to build a shelter in your garden, you will still tax more. In 2019, this tax increased by 3.7% Like last year, the development tax is increasing. This tax, which applies to garden sheds, verandahs, mobile homes, and other sheds of more than 5 square meters, whose height exceeds 1.80 m under ceiling, climbed by 3.7% to 1st January 2019. This […]

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