Chateau-Gontier: Spring Fair focuses on Gardens

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The 17th Spring Fair of Chateau-Gontier, will have a theme based around the garden.

In total, 20 000 people are expected to attend this years 17th Spring fair of Château-Gontier.

The 17th Fair Expo Spring Chateau-Gontier takes place in Saint-Fiacre Park on 19 and 20 March.  “For five years, we see a real enthusiasm from visitors, it is a popular event and the first trade event of the year in the Haut-Anjou, ” says Stéphane Rouaud, Pegasus Events, which organizes the Spring fair expo.

There will be several new touches for the show this year, to engage as many people as possible with some 150 exhibitors ranging from crafts, artisannal products, house projects such as construction, renovation or development as well as a large display from the automobile industry, with more than 400 cars on display, and also a good demonstration from agriculture as well.

The exhibitors mainly come from the region, with 80% from Mayenne, and 30% from the Château-Gontier basin.   This year the theme for the show will be based around the garden,  “For five years, we have travelled through the French regions in our themes. This year, we have not, deciding to focus on our gardens ” adds Lucille Fernandez, project manager at Pegasus Events. It is indeed among the French, the second special place in the house after the kitchen.

At the Spring Fair, it will be treated in all its forms. “The garden for food, decoration, pool, terrace. Everything that symbolizes the pleasure of living outdoors, ” announced the organizers. The agricultural vocational school of Chateau-Gontier present particular technical mulching and aquaponics techniques. Twenty garden professionals will be “dispatched” on the whole of the fair. local Allotment organisations will present their actions.

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