There will be no (or very few) fireworks from individuals.

July 14th: The Sale of Fireworks rockets Prohibited, announces Elisabeth Borne

The sale and transport of fireworks rockets will be prohibited to individuals, explained the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. It is almost a tradition, although regulated. In addition to the fireworks fired by professionals mandated by the municipalities and cities, each year, on July 14th, many small pyrotechnic shows are performed by individuals. This will not be the case, […]

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Will the RSA reform be a new social bomb for the government?

Will the RSA Reform be a New Social Bomb for the Government?

SOCIAL SUPPORT: The government wants to condition the payment of the RSA to the achievement of 15 to 20 hours of activities per week Elisabeth Borne will meet, this Tuesday and Wednesday, the leaders of the five main unions at Matignon. They will discuss the reform of the RSA, which plans to condition the payment of […]

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French president Emmanuel Macron

Nearly Three out of Four French People Dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron, According to a Poll

Only 26% of respondents say they are satisfied with the head of state, Emmanuel Macron Nearly three out of four French people are unhappy with Emmanuel Macron, whose unpopularity due in particular to the pension reform is bordering on records since the “yellow vests” crisis in 2018, according to an Ifop poll for the Journal du Dimanche released […]

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Emmanuel Macron during his television interview

Pension Reform: Emmanuel Macron Regrets Nothing

RECAP: The President of the Republic spoke to the French on the news of TF1 and France 2 on the pension reform The President of the Republic wanted to dot the “i” and “clarify” things. The pension reform “will continue on its democratic path”, insisted Emmanuel Macron, interviewed on Wednesday on the news of TF1 and France 2 live. Having […]

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With 32% of French people satisfied, Macron's popularity at its lowest for three years

Poll: With 32% of French People Satisfied, Macron’s Popularity at its Lowest for Three Years

BAROMETER At 29% favourable opinions, Elisabeth Borne recorded her lowest level since joining Matignon last May. While France is animated by the conflict over the pension reform, the popularity rating of the executive continues to crumble. That of Emmanuel Macron thus sank by two points in February to reach its lowest level in three years, with 32% of French people […]

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Fuel: compensation of 100 euros may be requested from January 16

Fuel: Compensation of 100 Euros may be Requested from 16th January

BOOST: The Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced in early December the replacement of the rebate on fuel by an indemnity of 100 euros reserved for the 10 million most modest workers. From the 16th of January, beneficiaries of the new fuel allowance of 100 euros, replacing the general rebate which ended on the 31st of December, will […]

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Government offers aid to bakers in Energy crisis

Energy: A Delay for the Payment of Taxes and Social Security Contributions Granted to Bakers

FINANCIAL AID: Elisabeth Borne wanted bakers to also be able to “spread out” the energy bills for the first months of the year A little respite for bakers hit hard by rising energy prices. Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday that they will be able to “request the deferral of the payment of their taxes and social security contributions” to […]

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"Everyone must give up non-essential travel", asks Elisabeth Borne because of the coronavirus

Coronavirus: “Everyone Must Give up Non-Essential Travel”, asks Elisabeth Borne

EPIDEMIC: At a press conference this Sunday at the end of the morning, the Minister of Transport indicated the transport restrictions taken as of this Monday to fight against the spread of coronavirus “Long-distance” transport by train, coach or plane will be “gradually reduced” in the coming days in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus and […]

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Fuel taxes will increase in 2019

Fuel: Taxes on Diesel and Gasoline Will (Still) Increase in 2019

The government has announced the increase of taxes of 7 cents on diesel and 4 cents on petrol, from 2019. In return, it encourages the scrapping premium. Will driving a car become a luxury? The government is continuing to raise  fuel taxes.  In 2019, those on gasoline will increase by 4 cents per liter next year , and those on diesel 7 […]

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Traffic will still be disrupted at the SNCF on May 9, 2018, for the 16th day of strike since early April against the railway reform.

SNCF Strike: 50% of TGV, TER and Transilien will Operate on Wednesday

Wednesday is the 16th day of the railway workers strike at the SNCF. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate. Traffic forecasts. Half of the TGV, TER and Transilien will circulate Wednesday, during the 16th day of strike at SNCF against the railway reform , according to management traffic forecasts published Tuesday. There will be one in three Intercity […]

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