La poste is using a range of electric and gas powered vehicles

La Poste: Deliveries in Bordeaux, Emission Free by the end of the year

With a range of both electric and natural gas , La Poste aims to reduce its emissions … In the race for the use of so-called transport vehicles that are “soft to the enviroment”, La Poste does not want to be left behind.  This Friday, its CEO Philippe Wahl came to Bordeaux to present the latest […]

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Taxes will increase for diesel

The Government Confirms the End of the Tax Advantage of Diesel

The taxation of diesel will increase by one cent per litre from 2016 … After years of heated debate, the government decided on Wednesday to start from next year to eliminate the tax advantage enjoyed by diesel fuel compared to petrol.  Matignon has announced “the principle of reconciliation in 5 years between the price of […]

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10,000 euros bonus for switching from diesel to electric cars

Electric Vehicles: a 10,000 Euros Bonus Extended to Diesels over 10 years

The bonus of 10,000 euros, currently provided by the government … The bonus of 10,000 euros, currently provided by the government for the purchase of an electric vehicle in exchange for the abandonment of a diesel vehicle over 15 years, will be extended to diesel vehicles over 10 years, Segolene Royal said on Friday. “We […]

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