Nantes: Green Light to Giant Electrical Busways

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Nantes is to get giant electric buses

New larger buses, 100 percent electric to run on line 4, within three years in Nantes …

t’s now official. In three years, we should breathe better on board busways. While the line 4 was quickly victim of its success since its launch in 2006, it was decided earlier today, Tuesday, for the acquisition of twenty giant vehicles to replace the current buses (24 meters long against 18), which connect the city centre (Place Foch) south of the city. Each busway will increase from 110 seats to 150 seats, which will host more than one third of additional customers. A total of nearly 55,000 passengers a day.

Cleaner vehicles

The largest, which will have the bus TAN will also be cleaner. For the new vehicles will be 100% electric: reloaded at terminals and some stops, they ensure their journey without any emission of pollutants and will save 1,330 tonnes of CO2 per year. “With this electric motor, there will be fewer jolts, less noise nuisance and is in line with the energy transition”, says Bertrand Affiliate, Vice President of Nantes metropolis in charge of transport. A budget of 43.2 million euros will be devoted to the acquisition of these vehicles, there is currently no equivalent in Europe.

Prior to commissioning, so it will already work on the design of these novel bus, who should walk the streets in 2018 or 2019. The adaptation work some stations will also be expected.

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