Avalanches: Savoy Placed on Red Alert

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Savoy is placed in red alert for risk of avalanches.

Monday 8th January, Savoy was placed on red alert for avalanches. Five other departments are on orange alert for the risk of flooding, storms and avalanches.

After the passage of Eleanor storm , which leaves behind six dead , five departments are always placed in orange alert for stormsfloods and avalanches, according to Météo France. The Savoy, it is placed on red alert for avalanches, due to “exceptional circumstances for the mountains of the Haute Maurienne and south of the Haute Tarentaise.”

France weather alert in its national newsletter:

“Numerous large avalanches of loose snow are expected Monday evening during the most intense snowfall. Higher than 1800 m, some of them may follow unusual paths and touching roads or houses.”

The Hautes-Alpes and Alpes-Maritimes are also avalanche alert level orange. The Bouches-du-Rhône, Var and the Alpes-Maritimes are orange alert for risk of storms and Gard orange alert for floods.

These disturbances are scheduled until the morning of Tuesday 9th January.

Wind gusts and hail

In the south, especially in the Bouches-du-Rhône, Var and Alpes-Maritimes “stormy lines up in the Mediterranean, will fall into place during the day,” announced earlier today the weather forecast site.

For departments in vigilance Orange floods, “traffic conditions can be made difficult on the entire network and disruptions can affect rail transport,” said Meteo France, which also referred to possible ” power cuts “.

These storms will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind, and sometimes intense hailstorms.

Snowfall will continue the Alpine side, with a peak intensity scheduled on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Avalanches will increase throughout the day on Monday, and will reach the main roads, and even dwellings exposed to this risk.

Meteo France said that the avalanche risk is very high (level 5 on the European level) on the high Maurienne, south of the high Tarentaise and Eastern Queyras

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