Eleanor Storm Washed Away, a Fireman in Savoy

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Fireman has been washed away whilst trying to help family in Savoy during Eleanor storm

A volunteer firefighter was missing Thursday 4th January, 2018 at Détrier (Savoy). He was swept away while trying to rescue a family.

volunteer firefighter was missing , Thursday, January 4, 2018, after being swept away by the river’s Breda, in the town of Détrier (Savoy) . The incident occurred while the firefighter was trying with other colleagues to rescue a family refuge on the roof of their car after a surge torrent of water, says France Bleu Pays de Savoie .

The floor collapses

According to our colleagues, the ground would be sunk during the procedure, taking the firefighter in the stream produced by the heavy rains, consequence of the passage of the Eleanor storm.

Search operations are underway to try to find the firefighter, said the prefecture to France Bleu . They mobilize “35 fire brigade, two helicopters medicalized three 3 dog teams and water resources.”

The prefecture said that the “rescued family has been safe.”

A woman drowned in her house

Earlier in the day, not far away, is a woman of 93 years who died drowned in his house located in the municipality of  Crêts en Belledonne (Isere). His home ava it was flooded by the waves.

Torrential rains have battered the department due to  Eleanor storm . They caused the flooding of a nearby stream that invaded the house. Upon arrival, the emergency could not revive the lady who was in cardiac arrest.

Isère orange flood alert

Isère was placed on  orange alert by Météo France due to a risk of flooding  linked to heavy rains caused by the storm Eleanor. The valley Grésivaudan between Grenoble and Chambery, is particularly affected, as the village of La Pierre, flooded three-quarters from the mayor of the town.

Savoy, it is since Wednesday placed vigilance orange avalanche rain flooding.

The day before, a 21 year old skier died after the fall of a tree in the ski resort Morillon (Haute Savoie).

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