Angers: He Rams Police Blockade at Toll Road, 3.5 kg of Heroin Seized

Local News
The driver rams the customs officers near Angers

In the car, 3.5 kg of heroin. A motorist fled after ramming the customs that were at the motorway toll of Corzé, on the A11, near Angers, in the night of Monday to Tuesday.

He was on his way back, it seems, from the Netherlands. At about twenty kilometers north of Angers, a motorist came face to face with the customs at the motorway toll of Corzé in the Maine-et-Loire.

The deployed stinger

Reportedly, the incident occurred around 3 am on the night of Monday to Tuesday. The driver of the car, which was travelling in the direction Le Mans – Angers, does not stop at the sight of Customs. It forces them to put a blockade in place … The officers also have time to deploy the stinger, this accessory bristling with vertical points.

Fled on foot

After the car rammed the blockade and hit the stinger, the driver abandoned the car and fled on foot.  Upon examination of the car, some 3.5 kg of heroin were discovered inside the abandoned car on site.

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