Peru: Two French Sentenced to 15 years in Prison for Drug Trafficking

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Two Frenchmen have been convicted of drug trafficking in Peru

PERU: They were arrested in possession of nearly 10 kilos of cocaine …

They will be expelled from Peru once they have completed their sentences. Two French citizens were sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking by a court in Lima, announced on Tuesday by a source at the Peruvian judicial.

The two men, identified as Sylvain Piccin Della Poeta and Rachef Iscander, were arrested on the 16th June, 2016 in a Lima hotel in possession of nearly 10 kilos of cocaine.

According to the court, the drug was packaged.  The way the drug was packaged means they were convicted of belonging to an organization of drug traffickers. The court also fined them 5,000 soles (about 1,500 dollars).

Peru is especially with Bolivia and Colombia one of the three largest coca plant producer in the world, whose leaves are used to make cocaine. Mexican mafias are particularly active in drug trafficking in Peru, according to police drug enforcement.

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