18 departments have been placed on orange alert

Weather: 18 Departments on Orange Alert for Strong Winds, Floods or Snow-Ice

18 departments were placed this Saturday 20th January by Meteo France on orange alert for strong winds, floods or snow-ice. While today Saturday 20th January, 2018 looks pretty gloomy, with rain almost everywhere in France, Meteo France placed 18 departments on orange alert, either for strong winds, floods or snow-ice . #MétéoDuWE Temps maussade avec #nuages, #pluies, #vents parfois violents […]

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n spring 2018, a CRJ 1000 will provide seasonal flights between Quimper and Figari in Corsica.

Quimper Airport: New Plane to Paris in March 2018

Friday 12 January, 2018, the President of the CCIMBO Quimper has made several announcements on the airport and the airline to Paris. Upon their return to the commands of Quimper-Cornouaille Airport on the 1st January 2017, elected to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Brittany Metropolitan (CCIMBO) had shown their willingness to get a new flight […]

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Eleanor storm, 25 departments remain on Orange alert

Eleanor Storm: 25 Departments on Orange Alert for Floods, Missing Firefighter

After the passage of the Eleanor storm, which leaves behind three dead and one missing firefighter, 25 departments remain on orange alert for flooding on Friday 5th January. The Eleanor storm left three dead and one missing in France since Wednesday. She leaves behind flooded villages, the skiers stranded with the risk of avalanches and exceptional fires in Corsica, which are […]

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Eleanor Storm has so far caused one dead and four seriously injured

Eleanor Storm: One Dead, Four Seriously Injured and Maximum Risk of Avalanches

Thursday 4th January, 21 departments are still placed in orange alert due to Eleanor storm, which left one dead and 29 wounded in France. One dead, 29 injured, four seriously, 35,000 without electricity households. The Eleanor storm reached in the night from Wednesday 3 to Thursday, 4 January the southern half of France with strong winds and […]

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26 departments habe been placed on Orange Alert for Carmen Storm

Carmen Storm: 26 Departments Placed on Orange Alert

Carmen storm will sweep France Monday 1st January 2018. 26 departments were placed on orange alert for strong winds and waves-submergence. The year changes, not the weather: after Ana and Bruno in December, a new storm, Carmen, will cross France from west to east Monday 1 January 2018 , particularly threatening the atlantic coastal region according to Météo-France. This third […]

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Storm Ana hits France with 32 departments on Orange Alert

Storm Ana Comes to France, 32 Departments on Orange Alert

Storm Ana on the Charente and Vendée coast, snow on the Alps and the north, rainfall and flooding risk on the Southeast: 32 departments in orange alert. High winds, heavy rainfall, avalanches, ice or flooding waves thirty-two departments were placed in Orange alert  on Monday morning, especially in the north where strong winds have knocked out power 20,000 […]

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High fire risk in Bouches-du-Rhône, Gard and Corsica this weekend

High Fire Risk in Bouches-du-Rhône, Gard and Corsica this Weekend

The prefectures of Bouches-du-Rhône, Gard and Corsica predict a high fire risk all weekend while high winds are expected, in a context of persistent drought. In the Bouches-du-Rhône, where wind gusts up to 100 km/h are expected from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, the prefecture has issued an exceptional prohibition order burning until to November […]

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1,600 hectares of vegetation went up in smoke in Haute-Corse in 24 hours.

Fire in Haute-Corse: 1,600 hectares Burned, a Mayor Complains

1,600 hectares of vegetation went up in the night in Haute-Corse in 24 hours. This Monday morning, the fire was not under control but the threatened villages were no longer at risk 1,600 hectares of vegetation went up in the night in Haute-Corse in 24 hours. This Monday morning, the fire was not under control but the […]

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The First Weekend of Autumn will be more like Summer

Weather: This First Weekend of Autumn more like Summer

Temperatures again become almost summer in bright sunshine. This first autumn weekend will feel like summer over much of the country according to the forecasts. Forget the gloom and rain of the season. The first autumn weekend will be more like summer over much of France. The weather looks mostly sunny this afternoon although some stratus will drag […]

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1500 hectares have been burnt from fires in Corsica

Fires in Corsica: 1500 Hectares Burnt, 700 People Evacuated

Two major fires during Friday night Sisco and in Balagne (Corsica) have destroyed 1500 hectares and the evacuation of more than 700 people, no casualties Both fires still ongoing Friday night in Sisco and Balagne and have destroyed 1,500 hectares, and the evacuation of 700 people.  Two fires The first fire party on the night […]

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