Carmen Storm: 26 Departments Placed on Orange Alert

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26 departments habe been placed on Orange Alert for Carmen Storm

Carmen storm will sweep France Monday 1st January 2018. 26 departments were placed on orange alert for strong winds and waves-submergence.

The year changes, not the weather: after Ana and Bruno in December, a new storm, Carmen, will cross France from west to east Monday 1 January 2018 , particularly threatening the atlantic coastal region according to Météo-France.

This third winter storm will be marked by strong winds with gusts to 140 km/h while high tide coefficients will generate strong waves and flooding risks on the Atlantic coast. Meteo France placed 26 departments in orange alert for strong winds and waves, which could cause flooding to coastal areas from 6am to 8pm.

Winds up to 140km/h

Just completed the festivities of the night of New Year’s Eve, the winds will strengthen early Monday in the morning, for strongly blowing the tip of Brittany to the estuary of the Gironde.

According to Emmanuel Demaël, forecaster at Météo-France, the gusts could reach in the morning the 120-130 km/h on the coast, and 90 km / h in the inland of the Loire to Baja Normandy and the western part of the Ile-de-France.

In the afternoon, the winds should be further strengthened, with gusts of 120 to 140 km/h on the entire Atlantic coast. They should gain ground to the east, from the Vendee and Charente in the Massif Central, and late in the day to the Northeast.

Wind gusts in the interior will be generally between 80 and 100 km / h but locally may reach 110 to 120 km / h as in northern New Aquitaine and southern central region, according to the forecaster.

Strong wind in Corsica

No region should be spared by the wind gusts, which also affect the Southwest, the Alps and the Mediterranean in the course of the day. Corsica in particular will be affected by “a strong wind in the evening and during the following night,” said Emmanuel Demaël, which evokes “certainly higher than 140 km/h gusts” on the Island of Beauty.

Phenomenon aggravating the coincidence between the passage of Carmen and high tidal coefficients close to 90 along the Atlantic coast, could lead to marine submersion phenomena on the coast.

A number of departments should be placed in orange vigilance from 4pm by Météo-France.

Caution instructions

The instructions to be observed when winds are limiting his movements, adapting its speed drive, to watch out for falling objects, to avoid walking on coastal and forest areas.

Carmen ‘classic winter storm “and an intensity comparable to Ana (December 11) and Bruno (Wednesday) by the forecaster, could result in damage to the roof falls or trees that may damage the power grid. In Finistère, 400 homes were without electricity due to strong winds on Sunday morning.

The storm was baptized by Météo-France from a list of names drawn up alphabetically in partnership with the Spanish and Portuguese meteorological services.

The weather agency stresses that “to name the storms can communicate more effectively,” and that polls showed that “people are much more attentive to safety instructions when the strong wind threat is clearly identified as connected to a named storm. “

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