Coronavirus: “Unreasonable to Imagine Travelling Far Abroad Very Quickly”, says Edouard Philippe

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An airplane lands in Saint-Martin

CORONAVIRUS: The Prime Minister stressed that he was “not sure that air transport” almost suspended in France, “can resume in good conditions quickly”

Still a little early to take out the suitcases. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe prepared the French on Sunday for a summer vacation still in the shade of the coronavirus, saying he feared that trips far abroad would not be advised immediately.

“Can we book a house, a rental, a camping spot or a hotel in July or August in France or abroad? I fear it is unreasonable to imagine travelling far abroad very quickly, ”said Edouard Philippe during his press conference.

“Maybe still a little unreasonable”

The Prime Minister stressed that he was “not sure that air transport will be able to resume in good conditions quickly”, while air traffic for passengers is almost suspended in France. He also expressed doubts about “the conditions of entry or re-entry on the national territory” which will certainly be “fairly demanding vis-à-vis those arriving from abroad”, in the context of a pandemic. “So it seems to me at this point, maybe still a little unreasonable,” he added, promising however to say more “when the time comes.”

The head of government expressed the same reservations regarding the organization of weddings, which peaks between spring and summer. “Given (…) the need to continue to prevail the rules of physical distance”, “it does not seem to me completely reasonable to imagine that a marriage which would bring together 200 people in a confined place is immediately possible”, he indicated. “For how long I do not know yet, but it does not seem appropriate or reasonable to imagine that, in the very short term, this is possible,” said Edouard Philippe.

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