Brest. Two Years in Prison for 300 g of Heroin

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Two years prison for a man from Brest convicted for 300 g of Heroin

Friday, in a court appearance, a man from Brest 43 years was sentenced have been found guilty of importing, sold and used drugs.

Two years in prison custody. Friday noon, following the decision of the criminal court of Brest, in immediate appearance procedure, a man from Brest, aged 43 years has been sent direct to prison.  Benoît Jore is convicted of importing, selling and using heroin . He has already been convicted on similar charges in 2006 (two months suspended prison sentence).

“Excellent quality”

Last November, the man went to get himself drugs in Rotterdam, with € 6,000 in his pocket. A substantial sum, according to prosecutors. The man, who has used heroin since the age of 13, has purchased 300 g. An amount deemed important. A product deemed as  “excellent” quality, as indicated in the floor.  And sold expensive. Or 23 € per gram when, usually, it is between 5 and 10 €. “It’s for my own consumption and some friends who, like me, are longtime users” , defended the accused.

“I regret”

But the prosecutor Eric Mathais, explained that he was a “dealer” and “importer”.  During the search of his home, an accounting ledger was found, and the sum of 500 €.  According to the man, you have “less than 5 minutes to Brest for a gram of heroin.” Sophie Lesineau, president of the criminal court followed the prosecution case.   A relatively lenient sentence, the personality of the accused having been taken into account.  As pointed out by his lawyer, “he is not an addict. He is also an attentive father of a 6 year old and worker.”   A dad who wanted to earn easy money to buy gifts for his boy.  “I’m sorry” , said Benoît Jore.  In connection with the judge enforcement of sentences, he may be able to lower his sentence if he behaves well.

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