The cold weather will sweep across France with temperatures down to minus 20 degrees

Weather: The Cold Weather Arrives in France, Down to -20 Degrees

The cold weather will intensify across the country at the end of February. Temperatures could even drop to -25 degrees in the Alps next week. The big jumpers will be out next week. “Frosty air from Russia will bring temperatures below 0 degrees, sometimes even at the best of the day in the East despite a generous sun,” says Météo […]

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Temperatures across three quarters of the country are expected to fall, with the new arrival of the cold

Weather: Return of Cold and Sun for Three Quarters of the Country

The cold will return to France from Wednesday 21st February, 2018. The drop in the thermometer, accentuated by the wind, should continue until the end of the month. A cold, dry weather . From Wednesday, February 21, the temperatures will show a negative on three quarters of the country, except in the Pyrenees where it will snow again . “The […]

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A cold grey start to the day in the Charente department

Weather in Charente: Beware of Slippery Roads this Morning

WEATHER FORECAST: Drivers are urged to have caution this morning in the Charente, after a very cold night has created slippery roads … It’s cold this morning in the Charente, the night was wet and the roads may be slippery. Caution is urged. Meteo France forecasts a stubborn grey sky, which should start to clear in the […]

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Temperatures in France are expected to be below normal winter temperatures

Weather: The Cold Wave Will Spread Throughout France this Week

Chill in France. Temperatures will be freezing this week, announced Meteo France, with temperatures four to eight degrees below the seasonal average. Forecasters also warn that the mountains of the Southwest are at very high risk of avalanches. Least nine in the Massif Central and Strasbourg least six to Toulouse least four in Marseille: a […]

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Paris is to open more rrooms for the homeless as the temperature go lower

Cold: Some Rooms Open in Paris for Emergency Homeless this Weekend

SOLIDARITY:  The extreme cold has not been felt in the capital, but the low temperatures expected this weekend is pushing governments and associations to act throughout Paris … The cold arrives in Paris. The wave is felt from this Friday, but Saturday is expected to drop to -5 ° in the capital. That worry for […]

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A cold spell of weather descends on France Thursday and Friday

Weather: A Cold Spell descends on the France Thursday and Friday

WEATHER: Temperatures drop from Thursday and Friday to below 15 ° C in the east. The sun will become scarce except over the southern reliefs. A chill that has come directly from Scandinavia, is descending on France this Thursday and Friday. Thursday morning, temperatures down to -10 ° C or -15 ° C in the […]

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