Why is it going to be so cold this week in the northern half of France?

Why is it Going to be so Cold this Week in the Northern Half of France?

COLD WEATHER: In the north of France, the temperatures will feel like it has dropped to – 15 degrees This week, it will be very (very) cold in half of northern France. Extremely low temperatures from central Europe combined with an Atlantic depression await us. A wave, however, more local than national, and which should […]

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The icy cold weather returns to France at the weekend

Weather. Icy Cold Weather will Arrive Over France this Weekend

WEATHER: A shift of temperatures for France by the weekend as icy cold weather descends across the country … While 2018 is already among the three warmest years since 1900, and that the month of October has been remarkable, so far, by its mildness, even its summer temperatures, winter will launch a brutal offensive this […]

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The results of the weather for the Lot-et-Garonne for February 2018

Weather in Lot-et-Garonne: February 2018 will be Marked by the Cold

February 2018 did not reach the cold records of 1941 or 1956 but will remain in the first quarter of February the coldest in Lot-et-Garonne. Meteo-France takes stock of February in the Lot-et-Garonne. On the rain side, January was rainy, February is in the normal range, except in the upper Agenais where the deficit is around 30%. These accumulations […]

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The frozen sea is rare. Impressive image in Langueux.

Côtes-d’Armor: The Frozen Sea at Langueux

Thursday 1st March, 2018. 7:30 the snow falls. It’s cold. Paula photographed the frozen sea at the Langueux. Impressive. This is not foam, but the sea ​​is frozen at Langueux , near Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) . Impressive photos on this morning of Thursday, March 1, 2018, taken at Grèves, by a surfer, Paula Hervé, who transmitted these shots unusual in Penthièvre . Caution on the roads […]

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Snow has fallen in Toulouse, Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Toulouse: A Thin Layer of Snow Covers the City

A thin layer of snow covered Toulouse, Wednesday 28th February, 2018 in the morning. After several days marked by freshness, the warmth is expected this afternoon. Meteo France had warned: snow was expected in Toulouse, but not as much … And it arrived at 8.30am, Wednesday 28th February, 2018, when a few flakes began to cover the pink […]

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The cold wave settles over France

Cold Wave: We Will Go From “Winter to Spring in a Week”, According to Meteo France

The cold wave that settled on Monday has already killed two people in France. A “brutal” warmth in the South, before a spring weekend across the country, is however announced. Up to -10 ° C in the Ain in the early morning with -18 ° C felt under an icy breeze from Siberia: the phenomenon “Moscow-Paris” which has […]

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The weather will be cold, but sunny, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February 2018 in Normandy.

Weekend Weather for Normandy: Wool Socks and Sunglasses

This weekend of February 24th and 25th, 2018, the sun will shine high in the sky. The cold, it will be well anchored throughout the Normandy region. Maximum temperature? Six degrees! The weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February, 2018, although chilly, is announced bright in Normandy.  In addition to sunglasses, we must especially not forget the scarf and […]

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The Siberian Cold Settles in France, Before New Snowfall 1

The Siberian Cold Settles in France, Before New Snowfall

The temperatures will begin to drop seriously across France from Sunday 25th February before the cold settles for all the week. The snow should also come back. A wave of cold weather coming from Siberia is expected from Sunday 25 February 2018 over a large part of France which will certainly live on the coldest days of winter , before new […]

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The cold weather will arrive in Lorient from Monday

Weather in Lorient: Waiting for the Cold Wave

WEEKEND WEATHER: Beautiful, but cold in Lorient this weekend and this is only the beginning, Monday it gets tough. Saying of the day? The Breton is more comfortable in the rain than in the cold … Saturday Clear and cold at dawn before a morning and mid-day very sunny with progressive rise of mercury. In the afternoon, […]

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The prefecture of Vendée announced this Friday the opening of additional emergency places for the homeless because of falling temperatures.

Cold Wave: In the Vendée, Emergency Places Opened for the Homeless

While a cold snap will affect France next week, additional places are open in the Vendée for the homeless. A total of 128 emergency places for the homeless are available in Vendée. The 104 places of emergency accommodation mobilized since the 1st November 2017, plus the Vendée prefecture has just announced an additional 24 places will now be available so that an episode of cold will befall […]

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