Weather: A Cold Spell descends on the France Thursday and Friday

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A cold spell of weather descends on France Thursday and Friday

WEATHER: Temperatures drop from Thursday and Friday to below 15 ° C in the east. The sun will become scarce except over the southern reliefs.

A chill that has come directly from Scandinavia, is descending on France this Thursday and Friday. Thursday morning, temperatures down to -10 ° C or -15 ° C in the east, advise Meteo France. A powerful cold air down from Scandinavia flows towards the center of Europe, warns Météo France. The air mass cools therefore very clearly. A softening is expected from Sunday.

Cold weather from Scandinavia descends on France
Weather: Temperatures are very low on Thursday and Friday. | Computer graphics Visactu

Freezing Fog and Ice

The eastern regions of France will be affected by widespread frosts on Friday and Saturday. The thermometer may drop to -8 / -10 ° C in the plain of Alsace, or even -15 ° C locally. Friday and Saturday, Ice should be generalized, strong on the east, where snow-covered locally will allow minimum temperatures plunging between -5 and -12 ° C. To the west, the minimum temperatures are expected between -2 and -6 ° C and remain close to 0 ° C in the Breton seaside, Aquitaine, Provence and the French Riviera.

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