Weather: The Cold Weather Arrives in France, Down to -20 Degrees

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The cold weather will sweep across France with temperatures down to minus 20 degrees

The cold weather will intensify across the country at the end of February. Temperatures could even drop to -25 degrees in the Alps next week.

The big jumpers will be out next week. “Frosty air from Russia will bring temperatures below 0 degrees, sometimes even at the best of the day in the East despite a generous sun,” says Météo France in its latest news bulletin .

Beanies and scarves will be necessary because “the cold will be particularly felt with the effect of the wind” .

The frosts will become strong from Monday 26th February, 2018, from the North and the Centre to the East, with temperatures of -5 degrees to -10 degrees in the morning . North of the Seine, temperatures will remain negative in the afternoon . The minimum will drop to -5 degrees in Brittany, -7 degrees in Normandy and Hauts-de-France …

-25 ° C felt in the Alps!

According to the forecasters of the Institute, “this cold weather should accompany us until the end of the month”. For The Weather Channel , “It will last at least four to five days . With the north-east wind, the temperatures felt will drop to -15 degrees, or locally to -20 degrees early in the day.

And even down to -25 ° C in the mountains, in the Alps.

On the other hand, the South-East and particularly Corsica will be spared by this cooling.

“Conditions should however remain gloomy.”

From the cold before the snow?

According to La Chaîne Météo , a snow episode is not excluded on the southern half of France in the second half of the week, “if softer and moist air came up from the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula to to strike with the very cold air present on the country “.

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