Calais: The Demolition of the “jungle” Resumed

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Migrant camp in Calais, four days after the start of evacuation in October

MIGRANTS:  Three towering diggers penetrated the north end of camp at calais …

The demolition of the “Jungle” in Calais, now deserted, resumed Saturday morning, two days since the announced end of operations. Shortly after 8am, three imposing diggers penetrated the north end of the camp, and started to pick up debris huts ravaged by fire this week.

Many dumpsters were stationed at the camp entrance, alongside a dozen riot police vans.

Many shelters have escaped the flames

The task looked even important before completion, scheduled for Monday night. A significant number of shelters have escaped the flames and so demanded more than just a pickup. Outside workers and police officers, the now former shanty town was almost deserted on Saturday morning, although it was difficult to conclude with certainty that no shelter was occupied.

Four migrants were reciting a prayer in front of the Orthodox church, around which they spent the night. The building had been preserved during the dismantling of the “Jungle” south in March, but should be soon destroyed as was Friday night school at 200 m, where a hundred young migrants had slept in the night Thursday to Friday.

Some migrants still present

A camp is at interim care center (CAP), with minors promised a departure in England under the family reunification were doing their morning toilet. At the entrance of the containers, one of them was concerned about his fate, proof that getting the wristband giving access to the CAP did not extinguish the doubts of all. Perched on a bike, he asked that we read a message written on a piece of paper, which was summarized his situation – his brother waits in Britain.

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