Football: All the results of the CFA-CFA2

The football results of the western clubs in the CFA and CFA2 leagues

All the results of the day in CFA and CFA2. Winner of Romorantin reserve Stade Rennais has emerged and keeps the lead in Group A. Granville has not been able to face the reserve PSG, led by a certain Grzegorz Krychowiak. Nantes won the point zero in Chartres.

All the results of the evening CFA and CFA 2 for clubs from the west. Rennes won at Romorantin and consolidates its leading position in Group A. Cholet, his heir, took the best of Vitre. Granville gave in to the reserve of PSG Krychowiak.

At Chartres, Nantes could not take the point of the tie. The board of the evening is for Plabennec face Chateaubriant. CFA 2 incredible match between Guingamp and ferns. TA Rennes has become 2-1 to Sable-sur-Sarthe. Laval won by the same score against Saint Brieux.


Group A

Cholet – Vitré : 2-1

Paris SG – Granville : 3-0

Romorantin – Stade Rennais : 0-2

Chartres – Nantes : 2-2

Saint-Malo – Bergerac : 2-1

Trélissac – Fontenay : 2-0

Plabennec – Châteaubriant : 5-0

Groupe B

Poissy – Le Havre : 3-0


Group A

Guingamp – Fougères : 3-2

Dinan Léhon – Angers : 1-0

Lannion – Brest : 1-0

La Flèche – Vannes : 1-2

TA Rennes – Sablé-sur-Sarthe : 2-1

Laval – Saint-Brieuc : 2-1

Group B

Le Mans – Avoine Chinon : 1-0

Quevilly Rouen – Caen : 1-2

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