Caen: A 4 year old Disappeared and Found – the Father Arrested

Local News
The father of the 4 year old was arrested by police in Caen and placed in custody for non-representation of children.

A mother from Caen reported the disappearance of her 4 year old child for eight days on Saturday 1st April 2017 at 3.30pm, at Caen police station. Her son was found shortly after in a car with his father in Ifs. The man was arrested.

It is about 3.30pm on Saturday 1st April 2017. The mother of a 4 year old comes to Caen police station.  She indicates that she has no news of of her son for the last week. A deposition deemed serious enough for police to launch an alert to worrying disappearance.

Unrepresented child

Thanks among other things to the geolocation, the boy was found shortly after, with his father, 29, in a car parked in a parking lot at Ifs. The man was arrested and taken into custody for non-representation of the child with the mother and deprivation of care compromising the health of a minor

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