Transport in Nantes has been stopped today due to recent attacks

Nantes: Transport Stopped after New Attacks

TRANPORTS: No buses and trams in Nantes this Monday morning … The Public transport network in Nantes is strongly paralyzed on Monday morning. Drivers and Semitan officers have indeed exercised their right of withdrawal from work on Monday following several attacks, causing many disturbances, said the governance of transport Nantes (TAN) and union sources. None of […]

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Tourism figures for Paris show a decline in numbers

Paris: Tourism has lost? 750 million euros after Attacks

The tourism sector in Paris and the Ile-de-France has lost about 750 million euros in turnover in the first half of 2016 … The tourism sector in Paris and the Ile-de-France has lost about 750 million euros in turnover in the first half of 2016.  Attacks, strikes and floods taking foreign visitors away from the […]

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Faced with threats of attack, the elite forces are reorganizing in France

Raid, BRI GIGN: Faced with Threats of Attack, the Elite Forces are Reorganizing

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has to announce his plan Tuesday afternoon … After 2015 was sadly marked by a series of two attacks, the interior minister unveils a national scheme of intervention elite units in the event of terrorist attack. The prospect of Euro 2016 will undoubtedly weighed heavily in the timing of implementation of […]

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Mika has announced a one off date for a concert in Paris

Mika is preparing a “huge show” unique tribute to France

The singer will perform on May 27th on the stage of the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris for a “one night” tribute… Mika will perform on the 27th May at the  Accor Hotels Arena (ex-Bercy) in Paris for unprecedented creative thinking show as “a tribute to Paris, a tribute to France “he said on Tuesday […]

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Attacks against religious groups in france is on the increase, especially against Muslims in France

The anti-Muslim Acts “tripled” in 2015, according Cazeneuve

The Interior Minister says anti-Semitic acts remained “at a high level” and that the anti-Muslim acts “tripled” in 2015 … The Interior Minister has delivered, in an interview published Tuesday on the website of the newspaper La Croix, new figures on xenophobic acts (actions and threats) in France. Anti-Semitic acts remained “at a high level” […]

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Mosque in Valence Attacked

Valence: A Man Drives at Four Soldiers Posted Outside a Mosque

The soldiers shot and wounded the driver of the car, who was of North African origin according to witnesses … A man identified as being of North African origin, drove his car at four soldiers on guard outside the Grand Mosque of Valence, causing a military response that injured the driver, whose motives remained unknown. The man, […]

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the Prefect has banned demonstrations this weekend

Loire-Atlantique: The Prefect Bans Public Demonstrations and Rallies this Weekend

Because of the COP21 of the terrorist threat and mobilizing the police force, all demonstrations are prohibited on Saturday and Sunday, announces the Prefecture … Demonstrations and rallies on public roads is strictly prohibited this Saturday and Sunday, for whatever reason, announced the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Henri-Michel Comet this afternoon. “This decision comes at a […]

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Petition for maintaining the Christmas Market

Attacks in Paris: A Petition for the Maintenance of the Christmas Market in Strasbourg

The organization of the Christmas market in Strasbourg on hold for security matters following the attacks of Paris … The question of maintaining the Christmas market in Strasbourg, as elsewhere in Alsace, always arises. His organization is still on hold for security matters following the attacks in Paris and the establishment of the state of […]

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French Aircraft bomb targets in Syria

VIDEO. The French Hunters unleash 20 Bombs on Raqqa

Two targets were destroyed by French planes … The military response to the attacks in Paris of November 13 began. Sunday evening, the French air force carried out a massive bombardment of Raqqa, a stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State) in Syria. The General Staff of the Armed forces says that during the raid of two important […]

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National day of mourning commences on Sunday

Attacks in Paris: The Three-day National Mourning Starts Sunday

The decree of President Francois Hollande proclaimed three days of national mourning until Tuesday was published Sunday in the Official Journal (OJ) … “The 15 November, 16 November and 17 November 2015 are declared days of national mourning for the victims of attacks in Paris November 13, 2015”.  The decree of President Francois Hollande proclaimed […]

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