Raid, BRI GIGN: Faced with Threats of Attack, the Elite Forces are Reorganizing

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Faced with threats of attack, the elite forces are reorganizing in France

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has to announce his plan Tuesday afternoon …

After 2015 was sadly marked by a series of two attacks, the interior minister unveils a national scheme of intervention elite units in the event of terrorist attack.

The prospect of Euro 2016 will undoubtedly weighed heavily in the timing of implementation of the plan of the minister.  After the 10th June, ten stadiums will host fans from all over Europe on the whole French territory: Paris, Saint-Denis, Marseille, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Lens, Lille, Toulouse, Nice and Bordeaux.

A revised and corrected territorial network

The Interior Ministry is alert to protect the people and teams better, but also to ensure rapid intervention by elite forces regardless of the city concerned in case of attack. In this context, the GIGN and Raid must be distributed throughout France to intervene within twenty minutes – time for either BRI, Raid and the GIGN to mobilize – on a possible attack. The current allocation zones groups may no longer be valid: rural areas for the GIGN, urban areas for the Raid, and Paris for the BRI.

But the mesh is not the only constraint advocacy groups. The Interior Ministry says it wants to improve cooperation between the police and gendarmerie, including that of their elite units. Thus, the specialities of each other could also serve to ensure a better management of the situation during an attack. For example, the most specialized elite unit in the “break” – to blow up a door for example, could come and reinforce and aid another force.

In early April, Bernard Cazeneuve had previously announced more specialised equipment such as assault rifles and vests able to stop Kalashnikov bullets and bulletproof visor helmets.  Considered “first responders” of possible attacks, the Bac and Sabre PSIG should be able to intervene in less than twenty minutes throughout the territory, giving enough time for the elite units to regroup and get on square.

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