The anti-Muslim Acts “tripled” in 2015, according Cazeneuve

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Attacks against religious groups in france is on the increase, especially against Muslims in France

The Interior Minister says anti-Semitic acts remained “at a high level” and that the anti-Muslim acts “tripled” in 2015 …

The Interior Minister has delivered, in an interview published Tuesday on the website of the newspaper La Croix, new figures on xenophobic acts (actions and threats) in France. Anti-Semitic acts remained “at a high level” and anti-Muslim acts “tripled” in 2015, said the Interior Minister.

806 anti-Semitic acts (-5%)

“For the full year 2015, we see a 5% decrease in anti-Semitic acts, which, however, remain at a high level, with 806 recorded acts,” he said. For their part, anti-Muslim acts “tripled” and establish themselves to “400 for the year 2015,” the minister said.

400 Anti-muslim Actes (300%)

More than half of these acts (actions and threats) were registered in the first quarter of the year, in the wake of jihadist attacks against Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher.

More than 60 anti-muslim attacks in France810 anti-Christian attacks (20%)

Places of worship and Christian cemeteries, which are the most numerous in France and in the tens of thousands, “are not spared with 810 attacks, up 20%,” added Bernard Cazeneuve.

In 2014, 133 anti-Muslim acts were recorded, according to the count compiled on the basis of complaints and handrails. For anti-Semitic acts, 851 cases were recorded in 2014. “As Minister for Religious Affairs, I can not accept such acts. They should be severely punished, “added Bernard Cazeneuve in La Croix, which opens Wednesday its new formula.

Detailed figures should be released Wednesday by the interministerial delegate to the fight against racism and anti-Semitism (Dilcra), Gilles Clavreul.

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